5 Ways To Make Moving Back Home Easier On Your Parents

So you’ve finished college but not quite sure what the next step is. Or maybe you have boomeranged back home after living on your own for a while. Your parents may have welcomed you back with open arms, but there are still some things you can do to make the transition a bit smoother. Be mindful that while you were gone your parents established new routines that your return is now disrupting.

Here are 5 ways to make moving back home easier on your parents:

1. Respect that you’re living under their roof again

You’ve tasted the freedom of being an adult and now you’re faced with moving back home. You may want to continue staying out late, having your significant other over, or binge watching Netflix all day with nonstop rosé in hand, but having respect for your parent’s house is so important! If you have concerns about the house rules, it’s best to approach your parents with a mature conversation about it.

2. Contribute to expenses

They may not be making you pay rent, but contributing something to other expenses is a nice way to say thank you for letting me live here. Some things you can contribute towards are groceries, gas for shared vehicles, and the internet bill. If you are still looking for a job, you can offer to take care of some household chores instead of contributing money.

3. Clean up after yourself

Treat it the same as if you were sharing an apartment with a roommate. Even if your parents cleaned up after you your entire life, show them that you’re an adult now who can handle washing your own clothes and cleaning your room. Not having to nag you constantly to clean up your things will make your relationship with your parents that much better.

4. Don’t make them wait up

By now, you’re used to staying out as late as you want, crashing at friend’s apartments, and coming and going as you please, but now that you’re home, do not make your parents wait up. When you’re at college it’s easy to check in quickly through text message and go about your night, but things are a bit different when your parents are waiting at home for you. Check in with them often and always let them know if you’ll be gone for the night so they don’t worry when they see your empty bed in the morning.

5.  Set expectations and make a plan

Living back at home might be an open ended invitation, but making a plan for how long you will stay and what your next steps are is important. Your parents will love having you home, but your mom’s dreams of turning your bedroom into a craft den aren’t going to wait around forever. It’s common courtesy to update them every now and then and let them know your plans for work, saving and eventually moving out.

Comment below and tell us how YOU made moving back home easier on your parents (and on yourself)!



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