Easy Apartment Party: Weekend Brunch!

Brunch has really been in the spotlight lately, and it’s clear why! Nothing beats a delicious casual noontime meal with friends or family, especially with beautiful fall weather in sight. The only downside to weekend brunch? With it’s increased popularity comes increased prices! Heading to brunch each weekend isn’t in budget for many, especially as you settle into your first apartment.

If you’re looking for an excuse to have a low-key, easy apartment party that your friends will love, consider hosting a fun BRUNCH with these simple tips!

Be clear in your invitations & selective in guest list

  • Ensure your friends know that this is an apartment brunch and share if you’d like them to dress up for Insta-worthy pictures.
  • Consider sending an e-invitation from Evite or Punchbowl… or, more casually, create the invite on the site and text a screenshot to your invitees. This makes the party feel more thoughtful and festive right away!
  • Be specific on timing! Including something like “Come at noon to eat at 12:30!” can be a helpful way to be sure guests understand what time the meal is being served. For brunch in particular, it’s difficult to keep food warm if guests arrive late!
  • Don’t invite more people than you have seating for! Remember, floor seating counts, but you don’t want friends to feel overly cramped or like they’re slurping eggs in the corner of your kitchen.

Make it a potluck – but be prepared 

  • Any apartment party with food involved should be a potluck so you don’t have the responsibility of cooking everything yourself! Consider making the main dishes – scrambled or poached eggs, bacon or other breakfast meat, a breakfast casserole, French toast – and outsource the rest. Ask guests to bring side items like avocados (for the toast!), fruit salad, orange or grapefruit juice, champagne for mimosas, or a salad.
  • Be prepared to cook the hot food for a crowd, though! Casseroles like this one or this one are a great way to do brunch for multiple guests, and you can keep it warm in the oven. If you choose to do pancakes, eggs, bacon, etc., cover the plates with tin foil and place them in the warm oven to keep them warm as guests arrive.

Ed.comment. If you are in New York City, your never-fail easy brunch is “bagels and lox” – bagels, cream cheese, smoked salmon, sliced onion and tomatoes.  Add juice and plenty of coffee and your hosting reputation is made!

Set the festive space

  • Open your blinds, toss a bright tablecloth over your table or coffee table, purchase decorative paper plates and cups, and print a cute welcome sign for your front door.
  • This is the perfect occasion to use your outdoor space, if you are lucky to have it!
  • Use decorative towels beneath food stations and have FUN!

Half the fun of brunch is that it’s an early event with most of the day still ahead of you! After brunch, if people want to continue hanging out together they have plenty of time for another activity.

See, hosting friends and family, even in a small space, doesn’t have to be difficult! Consider dipping your toe into hosting by having a brunch at your new apartment!

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