5 Uncomfortable Questions For Potential New Roommates

Interviewing potential new roommates is a nerve-racking but necessary experience. It’s so important to be able to click and connect with someone before moving them in, but even more important than their personality is finding out what kind of roommate they would be. Here are 5 uncomfortable personal questions to ask potential roommates:

1. Where do you work, how long have you been there, and what are your hours like?

Asking how they make an income will give you an idea of whether or not they’re going to be able to make rent or not. The hours they work is also important because having opposite schedules may mean interrupting each others sleep schedules, and nobody wants that.

2. Are you in a relationship, and if you lived here, would your SO be sleeping over?

It may seem intrusive to ask if someone is in a relationship, but it’s your right to know if someone else will be in your apartment. Asking this ahead of time also prevents any future awkward bumping into a stranger in your hallway moments.

3. Do you drink, smoke or do drugs?

Everyone is going to have different opinions on this, but having a roommate with similar values to you will really help in the long run. I have personal experience with this because we had a roommate once who did not tell us that she smoked. Our apartment building was smoke free, so she didn’t smoke inside, however all of her furniture, clothing, etc. smelled very strongly of smoke, and the smell never went away.

4. Do you have any allergies or food sensitivities?

If you live with someone, chances are you’re going to be sharing food at some point. It’s so important to know if your potential new roommate has any allergies because if they’re allergic to your favorite food or vice versa, it may be safer not to live together.

5. What is your definition of clean, and are you okay sharing chores?

I have personal experience with this one too, from the same smoking roommate mentioned above. She would leave dirty pans on the stove, the counters covered in sauce and food, and rarely, if ever, cleaned up after herself. When she moved out (randomly one day without telling us), she left a ton of dirt and stains on her bedroom floor. You need to ask this question so you know if you’ll be living with a Monica Geller or a Joey Tribbiani.

Remember that if someone refuses to answer any of your questions, they aren’t the right roommate for you! Make sure to leave time for them to ask you questions in return, and offer as much information about yourself as you’re asking them.

Comment below and tell us if you’ve ever had to interview potential roommates, and let us know how it went!

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