Thrifted Furnishings — How To Furnish Your Apartment For Less

I am a self professed thrift store queen, and I hate paying full price for anything — including furniture. I’m the kind of person who sees something on the side of the street and tries to figure out ways I can use it in my house, because I love free items that much. My first apartment was furnished with free items I got off a buy & sell site, and it was great. Over the years, my style has evolved some, but one thing remains constant — I won’t buy furniture for full price, and you shouldn’t either.

Keep An Eye On Buy & Sell Sites

People are constantly giving away furniture when they move, and this is a situation where the early bird truly gets the worm. Some sites and Facebook groups will allow you to request a notification when certain items get posted, so you always know when the items you’re looking for are going up. 

Let Everyone Know What Items You Need

Make sure all your friends and family know that you’re looking for furniture and what items you need. When people upgrade their decor or furniture, they will be looking for ways to unload their old stuff. Make sure your name is at the top of their list. One of my favorite pieces in our house is a second-hand mid-century modern dresser that was passed down from a family member. 

Hit Up Thrift Stores And Yard Sales Often

I personally go to the thrift store at least once a week, and see new stock coming in constantly. It’s hit or miss, but I’ve seen beautiful kitchen tables for as little as $10 before. Even items that aren’t in great condition can be easily updated with some paint or stain. 

Yard sales are also great places to find cheap furniture, and most of the time you can haggle your way to even lower prices. Don’t forget to bring a truck or SUV so you can bring your items back! And bring cash, because often the sellers don’t take credit cards or checks.

Estate Sales

Estate sales can sometimes be a bit more expensive than thrift stores, but they often have some really great solid pieces. You can usually find listings for estate sales in the local paper or on buy & sell sites. 

Comment below and tell us about your best thrifted finds!

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