5 Natural Cleaning Brands To Go Eco-Friendly In Your Apartment

Going green doesn’t just mean having a compost pile in your apartment (though composting is a great idea). There are little changes you can make for your health and for the environment. These 5 natural cleaning brands are a great way to begin your journey into working with natural products that are also eco-friendly. The best news? This doesn’t have to break your bank.

You can make your own natural cleaning products from common household supplies, but for the rest of us there are now several eco-friendly brands easily accessible at stores near you.  They may be a bit more than your average cleaners, but their environmental impact (or lack thereof) and non-toxic approach to cleaning are totally worth it.

Where should you start?

1. Method

Method All-Purpose Naturally Derived Surface Cleaner, $2.89, Target

You’ve probably seen the brightly colored Method products in your local supermarket or hardware store. Not only are they much more bright and vibrant than your average cleaner (and smell better!), but they’re also both natural and organic. They are plant based, recyclable, and not tested on animals. How great is that?

2. Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation Disinfecting Multi-Surface Wipes, $4.99, Amazon

Another brand you’ve probably seen before? Seventh Generation. The brand has a huge reach and is sold in several big box retailers including Walmart, Target, and drugstores like CVS. Not only is it a natural brand, but it’s easy to get your hands on.

3. Mrs. Meyers 

Mrs. Meyers Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner, $3.49, Target

What makes Mrs. Meyers so great? It’s right there on the packaging. This brand isn’t just natural, the scents are out of this world and dubbed aromatherapeutic. Who needs candles when you’ve got the right cleaning supplies?

4. Green Works

GreenWorks Chlorine-Free Stain Remove & Bleach, $2.69, Target 

You probably never expected a Clorox brand to be this eco-friendly, but Greenworks is here to prove that natural can be affordable. This product, found in basically any grocery, is naturally derived and features none of those terrible bleach fumes you’ve always hated.

5. Puracy

Puracy Green Tea & Lime Natural Multi-Surface Cleaner Concentrate, $14.99, Amazon

Puracy is a quite a bit more expensive than some of your other clean brands, but it’s natural, plant-based approach to cleaning is totally worth it, especially if you have any chemical sensitivities. This brand was actually created by doctors to be great for you, so you won’t have any worries about those harsh chemicals in mass market brands.

Clearly, cleaning with natural, clean products doesn’t have to be expensive or stressful. Some of the brand are found directly in your local grocery. Now, it’s just time for you to make the switch.


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