5 Best IKEA Items You Should Definitely Be Shopping For Your Apartment

When it comes to shopping for your first apartment, there’s one place everyone knows to start looking, and that’s IKEA. The affordable furniture and decor giant is a must-have for new apartment renters, but with so many options, where do you even begin? While there is a lot to go around, here are some of the product categories where we get our best finds. These 5 best IKEA items are the staples that you should be shopping for your new place.

Sit back, grab a pen and pencil, and let us tell you a little about some of the best IKEA items that you can buy.

1. Lighting

SJÖPENNA Table Lamp with LED Bulb, $19.99, IKEA

When it comes to lighting, anything from IKEA is basically a win. Not only does the brand feature incredibly affordable finds for as low as $9.99, but they’ve got some ultra-cool designs as well. From table lamps to hanging lights, you should definitely be shopping for your lighting needs at this store.

2. Storage + Organization

VARIERA Box, $2.79, IKEA

When you’re first moving into an apartment, you’re probably not thinking about organization and storage. You should be, though. If you’re in a small space, you’re going to need to get creative with where your items go, and IKEA is the champ of organization and storage for prices that won’t break the bank.

3. Decorative Accessories

TILLSYN Decorative Hourglass, $7.99, IKEA

Whether you’re looking for something to put on a bookshelf, desk, or coffee table, IKEA has some of the most affordable decorative items you could ask for. From faux succulents (if you don’t have a green thumb) to modern, glass options, they’ve got it all.

4. Living Room Furniture

HEMNES Coffee Table, $119, IKEA

Why living furniture specifically? When it comes to making your apartment cozy, the place to splurge should probably be your bedroom. While IKEA does offer bedroom furniture and beds, their living room selection appears wider and more affordable. From coffee tables to cushions to couches, the options can be both affordable and stylish. If you’re going to splurge, maybe do it on your bedroom.

5. Office Needs

TJENA Files, from $3.99, IKEA

Unless you’re very, very lucky, your first apartment is probably not going to have a separate space for an office. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t need places to keep paper bills, important documents, and if you’re a student, a place to store papers. That’s where IKEA comes in. Their desk accessories ranges from cute to modern, and they’re so affordable. You can deck out any space to office supply perfection.

While IKEA has everything, there are certain items you should focus on here. With these must-haves, your apartment will be nearly done in no time.

Ed. comment: No, this post is not paid for by IKEA. These are items that Shea considers good design/value combinations. On our site, unlike many other sites, if the post is paid for by an advertiser it is clearly marked as “Sponsored”.


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