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To celebrate the start of the summer, we have teamed up with DreamCloud, a company that has developed the highest quality luxury mattress sold directly to consumers online, to give one lucky MFA reader a $1,399 queen mattress! Yes, you read it right – a real adult mattress that will instantly upgrade both your apartment and your sleep quality!

Most of the mattresses sold online are just blocks of memory foam, but the luxury DreamCloud mattress is in a class by itself. There is a layer of pocketed coils within DreamCloud making it superior to other online mattresses and comparable to brands in stores that sell for $3,500 or more! The mattress boasts TrueTufted™Cashmere Blend Cover, making you feel like you are truly sleeping on a cloud.

See below how to participate in this huge Giveaway.

We are hoping that you will be the winner of this Giveaway, but even if you are not, you are still going to be a winner. How, you ask? Because when you order a DreamCloud mattress you get $200 off with the code SHOP200 (auto applied when you click this link) and FREE shipping! You’ll also get Everlong Warranty and a fully 365 Night Sleep Trial, so you can try the mattress for an entire year risk fee.

Giveaway Rules:

You can participate in this giveaway by answering two simple questions in the comments below.

1.) Have you ever purchased a mattress on the internet before?
2.) If not, what has been holding you back? 

This Giveaway closes at 12 Midnight EST on Wednesday, June 27, 2018. The randomly selected winner will be notified and announced on Thursday, June 28, 2018. Only one entry per person. This Giveaway is open to US residents only.

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Comments (39)

  1. Avatar Cindy Hickman

    1. I have not.
    2. Worried that it might not be as good as the ones you can try in the store and the hassle of returns.

  2. Avatar Brianna Holmes

    1.) No, I haven’t
    2.) I’ve never needed to buy a mattress, but I’m finally moving on my own for the first time for my last semester of college.

  3. Avatar Ha V.

    1.) No, I had never needed to buy one, just a mattress topper, until now (FIRST BIG MOVE).
    2.) Not being able to try it out and timing delivery to be my move-in date.

  4. Avatar Julio Serrano

    1. No, i have never.
    2. The fact that i would rather try it first before buying since its no easy task to move a mattress!

  5. Avatar Sakinah B.

    1) I have purchased a mattress online before.
    2) Because of my prior experience, there is nothing really holding me back from purchasing another mattress online. In fact, I am currently conducting my mattress search online.

  6. Avatar Ahleah M.

    1. I’ve never bought a mattress online before.
    2. The last time I bought a mattress I don’t think people were really selling them online yet, or online shopping wasn’t popular for much of anything. Also the typical concerns of not speaking directly with a salesperson or someone who can help with any complaints, concerns, or returns.

  7. Avatar Genna

    1.) I have never bought a mattress online before.
    2.) I have debated it for a year or so now and have always chickened out because it’s a big purchase. I’m afraid it wouldn’t be comfortable and we’d just be stuck with a mattress we hate and no money to replace it.

  8. Avatar Kenia P

    1. I have never bought a mattress online.
    2. I think that a big purchase like that you should at least try and see what you are purchasing. What if it’s a huge hassle to return the mattress?

  9. Avatar Elliott

    1. I have not!
    2. I’ve only ever bought one mattress, and it was kind of a last minute thing. I’ve thought about getting a new mattress but haven’t had the money.

  10. Avatar Alysa Travis

    1.I’ve never purchased a mattress online.
    2. I haven’t yet because I have always been afraid to buy things without trying them out, because what if I completely hate it? What if I can’t get my money back and it’s a big hassle? What if the bed I buy isn’t comfy? I’m a big overthiner when I buy anything but the mattress buying is a little intimidating when you don’t know what to look for

  11. Avatar Xannie Boykins

    Never ordered a mattress online. My main reason I’m scared to because it’s a big purchase and I’m scared it’s wont fit me and my comfort level. I have been searching and looking for the perfect one though.

  12. Avatar Michelle Ward

    Never purchased a mattress online before. The store was close by so I never thought to shop online for one. I am open to it though.

  13. Avatar Markus

    1. I have never purchased a mattress online.

    2. It’s difficult to be sure of what I’m after and what features take precedence based purely on descriptions, which is cause for pause in such a large purchase.

  14. Avatar Harley Wiggs

    1. No I have not purchased a mattress online.

    2. Because I like to make sure that they are comfortable and to try it out and see it in store before I make the purchase.

  15. Avatar Danielle

    1. No I haven’t

    2. I think it’s the same answer that most people gave: it’s a big purchase and seems more of a risk. Also, I am extremely particular about the mattress I sleep on since you’re sleeping on it for years.

  16. Avatar Victoria

    1. No
    2. Because I don’t know if I’ll actually like the mattress, and the hassle of returning it seems daunting.

  17. Avatar Primrose

    1. No, I have never purchased a bed online.
    2. Some of the items sold online don’t look the same when you receive them.As for a bed, that’s even a bigger purchase to be dissapointed when you see that it barely matches the description. Moreso, the hustle of returning the bed,means spending almost a month sleeping either on the couch or floor, just waiting for a refund ro purchase another bed in the store, That’s too much.I guess its fear of the unknown!
    I believe online bed purchases have to be a smooth transaction, where both buyer and manufacturer are pleased with working together, without the buyer facing any hurdles and contemplating as to why they made a purchase.

  18. Avatar Taye McQueen

    1) I’ve never purchased a mattress online.

    2) I’ve never purchased a mattress for that matter, but I imagine it’s like buying a car?! Don’t you have to test drive it first make sure it’s a good fit?!

  19. Avatar Lisa G

    I’ve never purchased a mattress online. What’s holding me back is not trying it before buying.

  20. Avatar Kyuubi

    1) No, I have not.
    2) If I copped an internet mattress and it turned out to be wack, I couldn’t be bothered to figure out how to stuff a mattress back into a box and send it back (ain’t nobody got time for that)

  21. Avatar Marina

    I’ve never purchased a mattress online — I’d be scared to buy it without testing first! (Even when mattresses have free return options, it seems like it would be a pretty big hassle.) But this one sounds amazing!

  22. Avatar gray

    1. Does Craigslist count as online? In that case, yes I have purchased a mattress online, but not a new one.

    2. For me I worry about the expense and hassle of trying to return a mattress that doesn’t work for me. If it really isn’t a good fit, will it cost me money and time and effort to return/replace it?

  23. Avatar China L. Villalta

    Not yet. I feel like it’s hard to tell it’s true value if all you see is how it looks and reviews by the company making it lol. Also it’s so expensive I’m scared I’ll buy the wrong one and waste all my money.

  24. Avatar KV

    I haven’t purchased a mattress online before because I’m not sure that it would be comfortable.

  25. Avatar Stephanie Crane

    I have purchased a futon mattress on internet before, but not a regular sleeping mattress. I have had no issues with the futon mattress and thought it was cool when it came in an air packed package! I have no hesitations to purchase a mattress on the internet, I just have not had the money to do so yet.

  26. Avatar Angelic

    I have purchased a mattress on internet and was sorely disappointed by the quality. After that experience I was hesitant to order from an online vendor again. However, with all of these online mattress companies popping up, I am definitely curious.

  27. Avatar Mari Ssa Jim

    I have not purchased a mattress before. What’s been holding me back is how expensive they are. More than anything i have purchased in my first apartment. I lived in California and moved to North Carolina to be closer to my grandma. I was able to afford my first apartment here. I have been sleeping on a fold o mat for a month since i moved in. This would be awesome to sleep on.

  28. Avatar Nicole

    I have purchased a mattress on internet before based on my friend’s rave reviews and those of others on the website. Do not regret it at all! I’m moving across the country and need to give my old mattress away unfortunately but would love love love this one in my new apartment!! :)

  29. Avatar Danica H

    1. No…I haven’t purchased a mattress on the internet before.
    2. I am a bit leery of making such a major sight unseen. I feel like I need to make sure it meets my level of comfort before making a purchase of this caliber!! **fingers crossed**

  30. Avatar Jay

    1. I have never purchased a mattress on the internet before.
    2. I am skeptical because buying online means you cannot test it out prior to the purchase. I feel unsure about buying something this important without being able to see the quality first.

  31. Avatar Jan Villarubia

    1.) Have you ever purchased a mattress on the internet before? Yes. My last mattress that I’ve had for four years.

    2.) If not, what has been holding you back? Nothing!

  32. Avatar Morgan

    I have never purchased a mattress on the internet before because I like to try them out in person before buying. However, free shipping and a trial period sounds nice. I may have to give it a go next time.

  33. Avatar Alexandrea

    1.) I have never purchased a mattress on the internet before.
    2.) The main thing holding me back from purchasing one online is not knowing if the product is worth the price, not being able to test it out and all. Also, another perceived drawback I have is how the mattress is shipped and delivered and if it will be handled with care. Otherwise I am open to the concept!

  34. Avatar Olivia

    1) I have not purchased a mattress on the internet before.
    2) I am very picky about my mattresses and I do think that it’s better to try them out in person. In addition, there are so many different brands these days that claim to be the best – and most affordable – that it can be hard to know which one is legitimately good and long-lasting.

  35. Avatar Zo Elizabeth

    1.) I’ve never purchased a mattress on the internet before.
    2.) The main thing holding me back now that I could afford to buy a mattress on the internet is the degree to which mattress companies seem to compete with each other for business — all the ads, sponsorship deals with YouTubers and podcasters, and the sometimes hidden brand deals behind mattress review articles, it all adds up to give me a healthy skepticism when it comes to mattresses online. I don’t think it’s an insurmountable challenge to cut through the PR-speak and find a good one, but for now the prospect of the research involved is just a bit daunting!