Square Footage: Does It Matter?

One of the first things you’ll learn about each apartment you consider is the square footage, but is that really the most important part of your new apartment? First apartments tend to be notoriously small, but the size itself does not always indicate the experience you’ll have there.

Here are a few things to consider, other than the basic square footage, to make the best apartment selection for your needs!

Focus on the layout

Layout is often far more important than the square footage itself! You could have a huge apartment blocked off with walls wherever you turn, or you may have a tiny apartment that feels large because it features open space or high ceilings or windows. Think about how you’ll plan to use the apartment – as a place to host friends and family? To have some alone time? To raise a pet or family? Use the goals you have in mind to select a floor plan that will work best for you.

Watch size of key rooms

As you look at the apartment’s layout, consider the sizing of key rooms! If you’re a sociable host planning for many guests, you’ll want to watch for a larger living room area. If you love to cook? Check out the kitchen. Need space to work? Look for apartments with desk nooks or some odd space you can use. Does your bedroom also have to function as your work space? Make sure it gets enough light not to feel claustrophopic. Oftentimes, apartments may have a large square footage, but the layout can still feel tight and key rooms aren’t large enough, despite the size of the apartment as a whole.

Remember your goals, and that will help you identify key rooms that you’d like to be spacious.

View apartment or detailed floor plans

And, of course, try to visit the apartment in person before signing the lease! That will really give you a feel for how large the space feels and how it could work for you. If you’re apartment hunting long distance and not able to visit in person, ask the landlord or leasing company for detailed floor plans – you’ll want to understand where all of the walls, doors, windows, and counters are to understand how they used the space when building the apartment.

The great thing here? No square footage is better than another! Instead of focusing only on the numbers, look into the layout and sizing of key rooms to choose the perfect apartment for you.

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