Pantone Color of the Year: 20 Ways to Decorate with Ultra Violet.

Decorating an apartment can be like finding a needle in a haystack. So many options! So many colors! How are you supposed to find the one thing that works for you?

Sometimes, all you need is a little help. The year, it’s Pantone Ultra Violet 18-3838.

For those of you who don’t know- every year a very not-so-secret society of 20 design industry professionals gather to discuss which Pantone shade will rule our clothes, homes and products for the next 365 days. This year it was ultra violet. Pantone describes the color as, “complex and contemplative, Ultra Violet suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what lies ahead, and the discoveries beyond where we are now.”

How mysterious. But what does it mean for apartment decorating?

Fear not friends, if you are looking to decorate a stunning apartment, stay up-to-date with current trends and not break the bank – this is the article for you! I’ve compiled a list* of ultra violet apartment must-haves to incorporate into whatever room you’d like. When pairing ultraviolet with other decor, it’s best to use either contrasting colors (think bright green for a color pop look) or metallic accents for a more modern look. Either way, this gorgeous shade of purple is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Living Areas:

Rug: $49.99

This gorgeous circular ultraviolet rug comes in multiple sizes, with one guaranteed to fit your personal pad. This carpet helps to turn a non-carpeted floor into a cozy space or give bland white carpet a nice pop of color. Also great to mention – this carpet does not appear or feel bulky when placed over another layer of carpet!

Find it here


Vase: $26.54

These abstract purple vases provide a modern feel without being too overpowering. Instead of one massive vase, these three ultraviolet provide a minimalistic décor options, functioning as a piece of art as well as a holding place for flowers. They can fit up to three small bouquets of flowers.

Find them here. Decorating an apartment can be like finding a needle in a haystack. So many options! So many colors! How are you supposed to the one thing that works for you?



Fake flowers: $20.99

If you’re like me and somehow manage to kill even the most resilient of plants (I’m looking at you succulents!) – fake plants are going to become your best friend. These gorgeous ultraviolet cotton fakes are understated in their appearance yet still provide a great pop of color, which means the look great and incredibly realistic all-year-round. They work best in a taller vase but can be trimmed to fit tinier vases, such as the ones listed above.

Find them here.




Curtains: $17.89

If you’re not a morning bird or your apartment simply came with a really ugly set of blinds, think of investing in a regal set of purple curtains. These purple curtains will add dimension to your space and are light enough to be easily moved out of the way on nice days but heavy enough to block out unnecessary light on rough mornings.

Find them here.



Succulents: $19.99

There’s no denying that succulents are a huge trend in apartment home décor. They take little to no work to keep alive and can fit in even the tiniest of places. Whether used together as a larger centerpiece, or as knickknacks on a bookshelf, their tiny pops of green will compliment your ultraviolet tones and keep your apartment looking fresh.

Find them here.


Sofa: $229.99

I’m a sucker for any straight line furniture with wooden legs, so needless to say, I am all about mid-century modern furniture. And does it help that this incredible ultraviolet couch also comes at an insanely reasonable price point? Um, yes. If you’re questioning the quality, don’t. I have another piece of furniture from this seller that has held up fantastically with no issues at all. Because this is a mid-century style piece, the cushions will be a bit more firm to begin with but with more use will become softer.

Find it here.


Pillow case: $8.68

Accent pillows can really help to tie together a space. These accent pillows with metallic gold and gray accents blend perfectly with ultraviolet furniture to provide a space with balance and unity. They come in a variety of metallic gold patterns, meaning you can mix and match your perfect patterns to find the best combo for you!

Find them here.


Ottoman: $33.99

Let’s bring balance to a space again, shall we? This ottoman is true to the color shown when purchasing and not only provides a great contrast against ultra violet purple but also provides much needed space in a small apartment. Anything that functions as tasteful furniture and storage space is a win in my book.

Find it here.




Desk Chair: $89.00

At $89, this may seem like a bit of a splurge but I’m telling you- totally worth it. This chair is comfortable, durable and beyond beautiful. If your apartment has room for an “office”, I highly recommend purchasing a desk and chair because as soon as you try working in your bed or on the couch, you will quickly fall into the nap or Netflix trap. Investing in yourself and your professional space is an investment in both you and your future.

Find it here.


Desk: $61.30

This desk pairs beautifully with the chair above and is uber easy to assemble! Because of its slim dimensions, it fits neatly up against a wall or windowsill and will help your apartment look larger, all while providing working space for you. The legs are metal and sturdy, so it will be able to support office supplies, a laptop, printer, and multiple morning cups of coffee.

Find it here.



Wall stars: $24.98

We can’t leave the walls or shelves completely bare! These retro metallic stars hang easily on the wall as understated metallic decorations that won’t take over a room. If you can’t hang things on your walls, or already have wall décor picked out- these look great on hanging shelves or a bookshelf. The silver ties in perfectly with ultraviolet and will give your apartment a more contemporary feel.

Find them here.


Floral bedding set: $49.99

If you’re like me and love a good ole patterned bed set, then this is going to be the bedding set for you. A one stop shop complete with a comforter, bed skirt, pillow cases, and a cute decorative pillow, it incorporate ultraviolet in a tasteful way that emphasizes the more feminine side of the color.

Find it here.




Solid bedding set: $71.53

If you want your bed to truly look like it was made for a king or queen- this is the bedding for you. 2 pillowcases and a duvet are included, providing you with the most lush and velvety sleep of your life. The ultraviolet is a bit darker here and provides a gorgeous contrast with white or gray walls. I recommend pairing the bedding set with some shaggy white fur pillows, because a little drama never hurt anyone.

Find it here.



Side table: $34.75

Art-deco is an up and coming trend in the design world that is only supposed to once again pick up steam as time progresses. These bright green art-deco side tables provide great contrast with purple bedding and once again, that much needed but elusive space we are always searching for. Great for storing books, phone chargers and other nightly essentials, these side tables are a great option for those looking to optimize both space and design.

Find them here.



Coasters: $32.00

If you enjoy essentially throwing money in the garbage and ruining a coffee table or kitchen table with glass and water marks, then be my guest. But if you’d rather preserve your table and elongate the life of your purchases, then buying a quality set of coasters is your best bet. These coasters are a shiny gold metallic that makes will make even a glass of water look more posh. They come with three rubber feet attached to the bottom, meaning no slipping or sliding when on the table.

Find them here.


Kitchen towels: $14.99

These ultraviolet kitchen towels come in a complete pack with a range of patterns that is unique and modern. They are machine washable and come with 4 dishtowels and 1 dish cloth. Kitchen towels are a great way to upgrade from using paper towels to take care of all kitchen messes and are an easy way to add a simple pop of color to an otherwise bland apartment kitchen.

Find them here.



Utensils: $21.99

Cooking utensils are often something that people forget to buy until they’re trying to cook a box of pasta with a fork. Quality cooking utensils make meal prepping and dining in easy. This lime green cookware set will get you excited to experiment in the kitchen with new recipes and ingredients! Something important to note is that all materials in these kitchen utensils are FDA approved, which is essential when buying anything you plan on using in the kitchen.

Find them here.



Bathroom towels: $21.99

Bath towels can be a finicky business when shopping online. Without getting an exact feel of the towel, how are you supposed to know what you’re getting? Fret not! This set of towels, complete with two large bath towels, 2 hand towels, and 4 washcloths is from Pinzon, Amazon’s choice supplier of bath towels and comes complete with a glowing set of reviews. In order to make sure you get the most out of these gorgeous purple towels, machine wash them with a cup of vinegar to remove any sealants the manufacturer sprayed on before they were shipped.

Find them here.


Bathroom accessories: $19.95

Even the newest bathroom could use a little sparkle. This well-priced bathroom accessory kit provides a mix of rustic and contemporary design with its metallic silver-finished ceramic accessory set. The toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, and soap dish will keep your bathroom organized in a sleek way and definitely impress your parents when they come to visit.

Find them here.


Bathroom rug: $29.99

No one thinks they need a bathroom rug until they slip on their butt getting out of the shower. This tasteful green bath runner will stretch the entire length of a bathroom, meaning no slippage and cozy feet all the time. The pattern of this rug is modern and provides a tasteful safety solution to your watery bathroom floor. This rug also comes in a smaller size to place directly outside of your shower, or even larger sizes if you’re looking to use it as an area rug in your living or bedroom.

Find them here.


No matter what your style is, ultra violet can be utilized and accessorized in a way that best suits your apartment style. The options are endless and color is beautiful, so go ahead and start designing!

*Prices were recorded at time of article submission and are subject to change.


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