Foolproof Apartment Party Guide

Hosting friends and family is a huge perk of having your own first apartment! And even with a little pressure, it doesn’t have to be stressful. Check out this quick and easy guide to the perfect apartment party that you can reuse over and over again!

Think of parties in your apartment as an easy equation:

Occasion + Food + Drink + Fun = Perfect Apartment Party!

Occasion +

Everyone loves celebrating something! Choose an occasion for your party, whether it’s a housewarming, a holiday party (think of fringe holidays like St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, Earth Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day), a big local sports game, or simply celebrating beautiful weather or the start of the weekend…theme your party around it. Use evite or PunchBowl to send a fun online invitation to your guests to get them thinking about the theme and getting ready to celebrate with you!

Food +

Based on your theme, plan a high-level “menu.” Maybe you want to put together a chips and salsa tasting bar, a variety of chips and dip, or barbeque sliders. Once you have some ideas in mind, ask your guests to help by bringing some food or party supplies. Be sure to include this ask in your invitation so they know to come prepared! Great things to ask guests to bring are side dishes, drinks, ice, dessert, or plates and cups.

Drink +

Always have a couple different options and remember that not everyone will appreciate drinking water straight from your apartment tap! A couple soda options and a big pitcher of ice-water with lemon is a great place to start. If your party will include alcohol, consider supplying one or two beverages and encouraging the party to be BYOB. This is great because guests can bring what they want and you’re not saddled with a huge bill. Include this in your invitation as well! A great phrase is “Please bring a side or dessert to share and your favorite drink!”


Remembering your theme, consider adding a few activities to the party! Whether it’s grilling our on your apartment’s patio, putting Jenga or other games out on your coffee table, or building an awesome playlist, infuse fun into the party! Your guests will love catching up and chatting with each other, but adding some ice breaker activities always helps.

See?! The perfect apartment party doesn’t have to be complicated (or expensive!). Don’t forget to be respectful of your apartment neighbors and landlord policies, and follow this easy guide for party success each time you invite guests over.

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