How to Fly the Nest in 50 Days or Less: I Did It!

Hello again, it is Jordan, back with a huge update! If you have followed along how I had 50 days to get my own place, and read my 30 day update, I have great news. I did it!

Goodbye Dorm

My freshman year of college ended on April 20th, 2018 at approximately 5:00pm. I then moved everything I own out of my dorm room, handed in my key, and moved in with a wonderfully kind friend of mine, named Julia. I spent the weekend with Julia and her family, who were kind enough to adopt my vegetarian eating habits for 3 days. It was a perfectly stress-free weekend, especially given my circumstances. The fun began on April 23rd.

I Moved In

Monday, the 23rd, Julia had a dentist’s appointment, so I packed everything into her car, and we hit the road. The dentist’s office was about an hour and a half from where I got my apartment. She drove me partially there, we stopped to get a cashier’s check for about $800, and my boyfriend picked me up from there. I got my keys, did an inspection, and at 5:00pm, I moved into my apartment. A trip to the local grocery store – about $300 – and some Chinese takeout later, I was ready for my first night to come to an end.

I Got a Job

Tuesday, the 24th, I had a job interview, full-time, doing exactly what I love: making coffee and making people smile. I was hired on the spot. I also discovered that there is a bookstore about 1 block from my new place of work, which is so far my greatest temptation. I must remind myself that I basically have to save every penny.

Wednesday, the 25th, at 5:50am, I began my first day at work. Once I got home at 4:00pm, I called the local internet company and got myself an internet account. $100 for the first month and the installation fee, just to watch Netflix and send some e-mails.

Settling In

Thursday, the 26tth, was my second day of work. I spent the rest of my day unpacking and cleaning the entirety of my apartment. My sister assisted me in delivering a bed to my apartment. Even she was impressed with the size, especially for only $490 a month.

Friday, the 27th, my brother-in-law helped me pick up some furniture. I am now the proud owner of a dining table with chairs, a large and hideous blue recliner, and an equally large but slightly less eye-straining green recliner.

Finally, the 28th, the day in which I could breathe. The chaos is over, and now it’s time to work hard and save as much money as I can. It’s strange being 18 and having my wish list consist of a dresser, a desk, and a decent vacuum. And schooling in the fall. I can’t wait until I hit 19 and get to think about my retirement!


I want to thank the MFA team for being so incredibly kind and helpful, and I want to thank my wonderful friends and family for supporting me and assisting me in so many ways. It is so fulfilling and strengthening to know that two months ago, I was essentially homeless with nowhere to go but couches. I am proud of myself like never before. I know I’ll be alright, and that all of my hard work and determination will pay off in ways never imagined.


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Jordan Hancock is an 18 year old college freshman who is looking for her very first apartment! She is an English major with a passion for writing. Jordan had to recently move out of her home due to a falling out with her mother, but she is making the best of a bleak situation!

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