Flying the Nest: 30 Days to Go!

Jordan here, again! I am back, and slightly more prepared than last time! I have taken quite a few leaps and bounds in the last three weeks on my moving out in 50 days journey, and I am incredibly excited to share them with you, and admittedly seek guidance for my next phase of the plan.

I have a job offer!

First and foremost, I have received a job offer, full time, as a barista extraordinaire! The condition is that I must actually live within commuting distance to work. Which should work out, as I’ve spoken to apartments as well!

My apartment situation

Secondly, the apartment situation. I have now found a dozen potential places in neighboring cities for my (hopefully) soon-to-be apartment!  The apartment I wanted, and had my heart set on, has been taken completely off the market. My plan B apartment is significantly larger, and closer to work, but for $100 a month more. Because of the jump in price, I have secured a backup plan to my backup plan: a co-signer for my lease! I know I will need at least three times the rent, plus pay stubs proving that I can sustain my rent. And I’ve double checked my credit score. Next, I will be applying to the apartments!

My finances

Lastly, the saving. I’ve saved every ounce of my paychecks that I can, excluding the amounts I need to pay my bills. So far, I’ve saved $1,500. A little over three times the rent. I can currently cover the first months rent, last months rent, and the security deposit. I will continue saving and hopefully, the apartment will be mine.

My next steps:

I must apply very soon to these apartments. However, if/when I get approved, they will only hold the apartment for me for two weeks. This is an issue currently, as I have three weeks left in college.

I must secure this full-time job. I’m still applying elsewhere, on the off-chance that my position is already filled within the next three weeks. I am attempting to remain as responsible and mature as possible, while still dealing with stress pimples and finals.

Could I possibly be missing anything? Thank you guys for all of the support. I’ll hopefully be writing in my new apartment the next time you hear from me!

MFA’s Advice

You have accomplished 3 big things towards getting that apartment:
1.) You got a job offer. This tells us that the job market in your new city is active, a good sign! Keep on applying until you have a firm offer in writing in hand.
2.) You have found a co-signer. You may need that because you have to get the apartment before you have those pay stubs to show to the future landlord.
3.) You have continued to save. If the right apartment comes up and you have to pay one extra week of rent before moving, those extra dollars will be handy.
Nice going!

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