Feeling Stressed About Living Alone? These 5 Meditation Apps Could Help

Living alone isn’t easy. Whether you’re finishing college, leaving your parents’ home, ending a living situation with a partner or roommate, making the transition to single living can be difficult (even if it’s exciting). While there are all sorts of perks like cleaning at your own pace, making your own decorating decisions, or getting that puppy your old roommate was allergic to, there are also stressors. Don’t worry, though. These 5 meditation apps could help you adjust just fine.

What’s a meditation app, and why should you use one? Sure, to some the idea may sound strange. However, meditation doesn’t always mean sitting cross-legged in your apartment and “ooooommmm”-ing to yourself. Meditation apps are actually much more about relaxation and anti-anxiety now, and they’re perfect if you’re feeling stressed about living alone for the first time.

What stress and meditation apps should you try?


Calm is exactly what you think it is: an app to inspire serenity in your life. Not only is it meant to help ease your anxiety (aka your looming bills that you’re paying all on your own), but it will also help you sleep better and encourage an overall feeling of happiness. It also just so happens to be the number one anxiety-relief app out there. Plus, it’s free. Why not give it a try?


First, we should all take a moment to appreciate the adorable Instagram account of Headspace. Second, however, this app is sure to get you zen on a timely budget. When you sign up (for free!), you can start with small sessions on the app and increase your time or keep it short. Any relaxation is relaxation, right?


If you’re looking for an app that will allow to track your mood improvements, help you feel more at ease, and receive support from other people, Pacifica is the app for you. Like the previous apps, it’s based on scientific methods to help your mood improve and anxiety subside. Plus, it’s recommended by universities like Georgia Southern, Loyola, and Wesleyan University.


Unlike the other apps, HelloMind will cost you. Monthly subscriptions start at $12.99, but the multitude of benefits totally make up for it. Not only does the app help to ease anxiety, but it also assists with issues such as self-esteem, trouble sleeping, and stress. The app uses hypnosis to soothe you so keep in mind that if that’s something you’re not comfortable with, this may not be the app for you.


If living alone has made you fall into habits of negativity and stress, Happify may be perfect for you. Plus, unlike some apps, Happify is activity based. You’ll go through different exercises that will help improve mood and decrease your anxiety.

Clearly, there’s plenty of stress relief and meditation apps for you to settle into living alone just fine. Don’t sweat the small stuff and try to relax. Apartment living is exciting, and these apps will totally help you embrace it.

If you or someone you know is feeling like self-harming, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

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