Have a Community Center? Use It!

With large apartment complexes, many landlords will offer a community center in or near the leasing office. These community centers are generally beautiful (think about it… it’d be the first thing a prospective renter sees when they come to visit!) AND are generally very under-utilized. There are tons of perks to having a community center… use them!

Reserve Community Room for Parties

The most obvious way to leverage your community center? Reserve it for parties or group get-togethers! Most centers will have some sort of rentable space that’s available to residents. This is especially helpful if you have a very small apartment but are hoping to host a medium to larger party. Check with your community center on the availability, cost, and features. Does it have a TV? Lounging space? What are the rules associated with using it? The community center may be a great fit for a classy brunch or birthday party, but likely not if you’re considering a raging, late-night party.

Get Free WiFi

Community centers in apartment complexes also likely offer free WiFi while you’re in the reach! If your internet hasn’t been set up in your apartment yet (or, if you’re trying to save some money by cutting that cord), find out if you can hang out in the community center to complete work and surf the internet.

Hit The Gym

Often, gyms will be included in your monthly rent payment for larger apartment complexes. Consider visiting the gym during your move-in time period to get to know what machines and equipment they have on hand. If you’re lucky, you may be able to cancel your other gym membership or avoid paying for a new one! Not seeing the materials you need to break a sweat? Give your landlord your requests and recommendations for that space. You never know when they’re planning a renovation!

Use Community Center to Socialize

Stopping by your community center from time to time also gives you a chance to run into your neighbors and get to know your landlord a bit better. While your landlord won’t shave dollars off your rent every month, they may think of you first when it comes to perks! Simply being friendly can make a huge difference. Build that relationship while you can… again, you never know when you’ll need it later!

How else can you leverage your community center? What other features can you not live without in an apartment?

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