6 Grocery Apps To Help You Save Money + Plan Your Meals

Sometimes, bills pile up. You’ve got a lot of responsibilities now that you’re living in an apartment. From your rent payment to your utilities, theres a lot to keep track of, and the money coming out of your pocket can seem overwhelming. If you’re looking to get more organized and save cash, though, these 6 grocery apps can help you save cash and plan our your meals.

The trick to saving money on groceries is actually two-fold. First, there’s the most obvious way: coupons. From making sure you’re shopping sales to checking your local store’s best deal, there are grocery apps to help you out. Don’t, however, underestimate the second method: meal planning. Frequent trips to the grocery store can result in buying items you don’t need, and ultimately, that costs you more cash.

How can you organize both? Good news! There’s an app for that. From finding ways to get cash back and the best coupons to apps that help you plan out your weekly meals, your grocery bill should no longer be a cost that you worry about for your monthly budget.

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Did you think Groupon was just for massages and trips? It’s not. Those coupons you get sent to your email also have an option for groceries! This program gives you retailer specific coupons which means if you’re loyal to a certain grocery retailer this could be the app for you.

Store Specific Apps

Have you ever heard of Cartwheel from Target? Do you have an app from Wal-Mart? Often, big box retailers and grocery stores will offer coupons on their own apps. Don’t underestimate the savings you can glean from them.



If you’re looking for a little bit more than coupons, Ibotta has you covered. This coupon app is less couponing and more cash back. Simply add offers to your account, buy your groceries, and upload an image of your receipt. Bam! Cash back! Talk about ideal, right?


Of course, you’ll need to figure out what to do with those groceries of yours, and that’s where meal planning comes in. By sticking to your menu, you’ll save cash on frequent trips to the store. Anylist will help you organize those meals. How? The app actually allows you to collect and share recipes. Simply organize the recipes you plan to use for the week, and the app will help you craft a grocery list. Then use one of the savings apps above, and you’ve got the perfect storm of grocery savings.


Is an all in one app what you’re looking for? Look no further than MealBoard. This ultra useful app takes meal planning to the next level. Not only can you decide your meals for the week in advance, but you can create grocery lists, collect recipes, keep track of what food is already in your fridge and cabinets, and use the program online. Yes, it truly does it all.


Looking to save cash, plan your meals, but not allow things to get boring? Yummly is for you. This recipe finder helps you locate new dishes to cook, add them to a list, and then craft your grocery list around them. Plus, Yummly will give your personalized recommendations on what to try.

If you’ve been looking for a way to save cash and get organized, these grocery apps may be your new best friends.

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