5 Décor Tips To Make A Small Space Feel Larger

Finding an affordable, spacious apartment can be tough. If you’re in a big city and on a student or young professional budget, chances are your place is lacking space. There may not be anything you can do to create more space, but there are a few tricks you can use to make your apartment feel larger than it is.

1 – White It Out

I fell in love with all white walls way before my Insta feed told me I had to. Many landlords don’t allow tenants to paint, however, they may make an exception for white. If the walls are dark and dingy it can make your small apartment seem even smaller. Ask your landlord if he minds you painting the place a bright, cool-toned white. It will make the place feel larger and make the apartment more appealing to future tenants.

2 – Skip The Curtains

In my effort to make my kitchen appear larger, I recently removed the curtains, and it made a huge difference. A clean window with no window coverings allows more light to come in and makes the wall the window is on appear larger. If you’re on a lower level or are concerned about privacy, a roman blind would be a nice alternative.

3 – Use Mirrors

I love mirrors, and have used them for years to make our apartments feel larger. A large, strategically placed mirror will create the illusion of space. I especially love a floor to ceiling mirror with a nice big frame placed at the end of a hallway to make the hallway look longer. You could also try placing a mirror across from a window to reflect natural light, or placing one in your dining area to reflect candle light during a meal.

4 – Skip The Knickknacks

Decorating with small decor items is going to make a small space look cluttered and closed in. Keep your surfaces clear of small knickknacks and unnecessary items to create a more open and streamlined look. This is especially important in small kitchens and bathrooms.

5 – Think Big

You may want to furnish your space in smaller pieces thinking that it will create more floor space and therefore make the room appear larger, but fewer, larger pieces actually works better.

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