4 Ways to Save Money On Now

Many of us start the year with resolutions around saving money, but by now the good intentions are gone and we have slid back into our old wasteful habits. It’s not too late to course-correct and, fortunately, it won’t be as hard as it may sound! There are plenty of easy swaps you can make to save some cash quickly this month and throughout the rest of the year.¬†Check out these things you can definitely save money on now, and start crushing your savings goals for 2018!

Eat fewer meals out

This one is obvious, but restaurants really increase the price of food you order there. Think about a burger at your favorite restaurant. It may run you $15 or $20, when you could instead cook a delicious burger with fancy topics for less than $5 at home. By choosing to cook instead of going out, you have some instant savings! When you multiply these savings over a week or two, you could save some serious money. And, it’s not too hard! Think through your schedule for the week each Sunday, grocery shop for staple foods you know you’ll eat that week, and make the commitment to cook at home instead of going out… and watch the savings roll in! Ready to take it to the next level? Try meal prep!

Treat yo’self a little less

Everyone loves a little treat-yo-self! Whether it’s buying a piece of clothing you’ve had your eye on, heading to the salon, or splurging on dinner, treating yourself with the money you earn can be great for you! However, when these little treats happen every single month, they can start to bring more cost than benefit. When you treat yourself so frequently, the treat also¬†isn’t as special or satisfying. If you’re focused on saving some money, limit these splurges to once every few months.

Adjust your idea of activities and spend nights in

Activities with friends or family can often mean events that cost money — trips to the movies, out to brunch, tickets to a local concert — but they don’t have to! Enjoy nights in with your favorite friends, host potlucks at your apartment, or consider booking volunteer opportunities for Saturday afternoons. There are plenty of activities to participate in that don’t cost any money at all! Get creative and try to adjust your activities to be cost-free.

Move leftover money to your savings account

Now for the best part… if you’ve spent the month following these tips and making small cuts to your spending, you should have some extra cash sitting in your bank account by the end of the month!! Way to go! Move this cash directly to your savings account. You won’t miss it, because you would have already spent it. Continue to make small changes to save more money throughout the year.

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