Preparing for Your Big Move

There isn’t much that’s as exciting as moving to a brand new place! You’ve put in the hard work of finding your apartment, passing any application barriers, and paying your deposit. Now, the fun starts… packing up your current place for your big move! Don’t worry, preparing doesn’t have to be stressful. Just be sure to follow these tips!

  • Make a schedule & plan for the move

Once you’ve signed your lease, you should know exactly how much time you have to move in. Think about your work schedule and determine a day or two that works for your big move. Preparing this schedule in advance will help you stay organized and on-track when the move gets closer. Check out this sample schedule for some ideas, but be sure to consider all the tasks you’ll need to complete, from packing to dumping trash to taking items to the thrift store to picking up new keys!

  • Invest in moving boxes or reusable bins

Check out your local hardware or liquor stores for moving boxes; oftentimes if you ask nicely they will give you boxes that items came in, which can save you a few bucks. If not, head back to the hardware store and purchase some sturdy moving boxes. This will be an additional expense, but you can try to re-sell them after your move or store them in a closet or under your bed to re-use next time you move.

If you know you’ll need storage bins in your new place, consider buying them as you’re preparing for your move. You can move items in the bins, then re-use them! Also be sure to have garbage bags on hand – these are a life-saver for moving hanging clothes. Check it out.

  • Use packing paper or bubble wrap while packing

I promise this is worth it! This little investment will help keep your items safe and secure during the move. Newspaper works great for this, and if you have time to prepare for your move, ask around for friends and family to keep their papers for you. If you don’t have enough, purchase a big roll of bubble wrap for breakable items like dishware and glasses. Better to invest a few bucks that have to purchase a new set of dishes after the move!

  • Pack over time, if possible

If you have a couple weeks to move out and into your new place, take it a bit at a time instead of moving everything at the last minute! In your schedule, select a room or area to pack each day and move throughout your place to get it all done. Start with spaces you don’t use as often (office if you have one, living room space, bathroom non-essentials, kitchen) and leave out only a few items that you’ll use before the move.

If you don’t have much time, plan to knock it all out in a weekend or a couple days. It’ll take dedicated work, but you can definitely get it done with some good music!

  • Purge things you don’t need – including furniture

A move is a great time to look at what you have and remove what you don’t need. If you have an items that hasn’t been used or worn in a year, send it to the thrift store! If you have furniture that you really hate, let it go! Your new apartment represents a fresh start, so treat the packing and moving process as such.

  • Find friends or family to help you move (and reward them with food & thank you notes)

Friends and family are often willing to help you move, so take them up on their offers! More hands makes for easier work on everyone, but be sure that it’s you doing the bulk of the moving. Just remember, while most people won’t mind helping you move, most WILL mind helping you pack. When you have others coming to help, have all items packed into boxes and bags so they can easily pick up and load items.

Do not forget a sincere thank-you for these people! Order pizza lunch to your new place, provide breakfast or drinks, and send a quick thank you note or text to let them know their effort was really appreciated. Plan these expenses into your moving budget.

  • Secure transportation for larger items

If you have larger items like furniture or a mattress, you may need transportation larger than a car. If you have friends or family with a truck, you are all set! If not, consider renting a U-Haul for a few hours on moving day. Preparing your apartment in advance of the truck arriving is crucial – you don’t want to be finishing packing while paying for U-Haul hours! Only plan your rental for hours you know you’ll be moving during, not packing.

Preparing for your move in advance can cut down on stress and frustration throughout the process. By following these quick tips, your big move will be stress free!

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  1. Avatar Raychel H.

    All my friends and family said my first move was gonna be hard but it came pretty easy after I used this thing called Furshishr. They helped me pick everything out AND set up my current bedroom. I’ve never been happier. I recommend to everyone if I ever leave my bed! LOL!