DIY IKEA Vanity for $50

I’ve always thought vanities (aka dressing tables) as something for the rich, or at least richer than a broke college student. However, this winter I was able to create my dream vanity for less than $50. At my new vanity, I start each day, sipping coffee and doing my hair & makeup. It’s absolutely dreamy!

Table, $25  Linnmon / Adils

This table comes in a variety of colors both in tabletops and legs. I chose to get grey legs with a white top. You can even change it up by applying a sticker adhesive wallpaper to your tabletop. Design Tip: Choosing a plain white tabletop allows your eyes to see all the colors of your hair/makeup in their truest colors.

Mirror, $ 20 Nissedal

I LOVE THIS MIRROR. The Nissedal is sold as a wall mirror, but it is the perfect vanity mirror. It is so much bigger than I anticipated, but it fills the table just enough to be the centerpiece without taking up too much space. It’s pretty sturdy so I didn’t even hang mine, I just tilted it on a small angle and added some wall putty for good measure.

Stool, $5 Marius

Now this stool is not amazing, but it’s $5 and it can hold a grown adult so it’s pretty amazing. It only takes 2 minutes to set up and can be decorated easily. Some of my favorite stool makeovers include glitter spraying it, and adhering a faux fur cushion on top. I originally wanted a nicer chair with a back, but those go for about $50 at IKEA. I figured, sitting on a stool makes me engage my core and I could spend that $45 on makeup for my vanity.

Decor & Accessories

So there you have it, your vanity for $50. But the fun doesn’t have to stop there. Here are some ideas of how to make your vanity your own.

  • Convert a cake stand into a jewelry display
  • Use old cans and cups to hold makeup and brushes
  • Add white LED lights around the frame of your mirror
  • Paint a sign to hang above your vanity
  • Print out & tape photos of your style icons on the wall
  • Dress your table with your inspirational books


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