5 More Things You Should Have In Your Apartment Emergency Kit

Whether you’re living alone, with roommates, or with your significant other, things happen. From burst pipes to power outages to spills, there’s no shortage of things that could go wrong. While everyone keeps their fingers crossed that none of these situations happen, it’s still great to be prepared. You may already have a first aid kit, but also make sure you have the 5 things listed below in your apartment emergency kit and you’ll be prepared for any mishap.

Even if no pipes burst or you don’t need a screwdriver to fix a loose screw, there’s other emergencies that you may not be quite prepared for. No matter where you live, severe weather can hit any time with thunderstorms, tornados, hurricanes and snow apocalypses, knocking out your power.¬† These 5 items will save you, even if your power is out for a few days.

Pro tip: Remember where you store your emergency supplies, so you’ll find them quickly in the dark, when a real emergency hits!

Hand Crack Radio

Epica Digital Emergency Solar Hand Crank AM/FM/NOAA Radio, $21.95, Amazon

If your power goes out and severe weather strikes, you’ll need a hand crank radio for weather updates and news. While you may think it’s excessive because you have your cell, no matter how charged it is, it will eventually die. One minute of cranking this radio, and you’ve got twenty minutes worth of power. Even better, this compact little radio also includes a cell phone charger port.

Bottled Water

Nestle Pure Life Purified Water, $13.99, Amazon

While you may have power, will you have water? Frozen pipes? A boil water advisory? With bottled water on hand you’ll have both drinking and bathing water around. While it may seem simple, it’s a smart option.

Power Bank

Mophie Portable Powerstation Mini Universal Battery, $19.99, Bed, Bath & Beyond

If you’re powerless, having a back-up to charge your phone to contact emergency services, family, and friends is incredibly useful. To keep your battery going for the long haul, a power station is a great call.


Energizer AAA Batteries, $11.69, Amazon

While you may have a flashlight, what happens when it dies? If you haven’t used it in a while, you may not know what is left in the life of your batteries. Keep some on hand just in case.

Utility Knife


Swiss Style Army Pocket Knife by Hike Tek, $10.99, Amazon

In terms of the most versatile item in you emergency kit, a Swiss Army knife is a must. It’s not a simple box cutter, and it’s certainly not just a sharp object. This knife from Amazon has 14 different uses! Talk about useful, right? From a wine opener (because if it’s an emergency, you need wine), to a mini pair of scissor, it’s a must have in your apartment emergency kit.

With these five items in your arsenal, you’ll definitely feel prepared to take on any emergency that arises.

Let us know in the comments below if we missed your must-have emergency supplies.

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