Renting Moving Bins and Boxes? How to Save with Promo Codes

Moving is time consuming and expensive at the best of times. There’s the security deposit to come up with. There’s all of the housewares you’ll need for your first apartment. There’s the U-Haul rental or asking your friends to help. But even before you get started, you have to figure out how you will pack and transport your belongings.

If running around your neighborhood and  asking the stores to save you some boxes is not something you’re up to, there’s an alternative. You could rent moving bins – also known as ‘moving pods,’ or ‘moving crates’ – the sturdy reusable plastic boxes with sealable lids. These moving bins can take the place of the humble, time-honored cardboard box.

Using Cardboard Boxes

  • Free from a neighborhood store
  • Cardboard boxes are not always available.
  • You don’t always have transportation to pick up boxes.
  • Certain boxes don’t have closed bottoms. Banana boxes are basically useless for moving.
  • Cardboard boxes usually don’t have handles for easy lifting.
  • Mixed sizes don’t always stack well during the move.
  • You have to get rid of the boxes when you’re finished moving.
  • Sometimes free boxes from stores are contaminated or have bugs.

Using Plastic Moving Bins

Many moving companies are now offering a pick-up and delivery service for plastic moving bins. It  makes moving less of a headache as they – quite literally – do part of the heavy lifting for you.You can rent just the bins, and do the move yourself, or have the moving company handle your move. Renting these plastic moving bins is surprisingly affordable and they’re an even better deal when you find a moving bin promo code.  (See below where to find online promo codes.)

Moving bins aren’t only good for your wallet and your schedule, they’re also environmentally-friendly and safer for your possessions.

  • Resistant To Water and Elements
  • Sturdy
  • Pre-assembled
  • Better For Fragile Items
  • Stackable
  • Picked-up and delivered
  • Less painful to carry
  • Easily opened and closed

Where To Find Moving Box and Bin Promo Codes

The Internet is both a blessing and a course for bargain hunters. There are so many great deals just waiting to be seized upon. It also means hunting for them and separating the legitimate deals from potential scams, however.

We’ve done some digging to find the best moving bin promo codes on the Internet.


The biggest deal sites on the Internet are going to have a lot of the best deals. They get the most traffic and have the most recognition. They’re able to secure deals for some of the biggest moving companies in the world due to that fact.

Keep a close eye on the ‘Cheap Moving Boxes & Promo Codes’ search before your move. They often have up to 60% off plastic moving bins, which includes pick-up and delivery. Also browse through their ‘Moving’ category, where you can also find a lot of movers promo codes if you’ll be needing help with the bigger stuff like appliances and furniture.


Another established site for deals on the Internet, Groupon, is one of the first places you should turn when looking for moving bin promo codes. Look up ‘moving boxes’ on Groupon to find the latest and most current deals.

Groupon also features local search, finding the moving companies closest to you. This will help make your move as stress-free as possible, with less chance that the boxes are delayed.


Another of the biggest money-saving sites on the Internet, RetailMeNot aggregates coupons and promo codes from all over the world. RetailMeNot also boasts one of the most streamlined, efficient interfaces of all of the deal sites.

Check out their ‘Moving’ category to find the best deals on moving boxes, movers, and storage units. There are plenty of moving bin promo codes to choose from. They’re also easily filterable by a wide number of criteria, so it’s even easier to find exactly what you’re looking for.

100+ Moving Deals And Discounts From OZ Moving

Time- and money-saving tips is one of the most common searches on the Internet. Everyone’s looking for the best value for their dollar, and none of us have time to dig through all of the listings.

The good folks of Oz Moving have done a great service, compiling 100+ moving deals and discounts in one regularly updated list. You’ll find everything from moving bin promo codes to deals on appliances and moving companies.

These are just a few of the many, many moving bin promo codes on the Internet. Plastic moving boxes will save you time and money. They’re also good for the environment and for making sure your belongings get where they’re going safely.

What’s your experience using moving bins? Let us know in the comments! Have a safe move!


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