10 Worth-The-Build IKEA Items

IKEA is well known for its inexpensive furniture (and meatballs!) but that lower price tag usually requires some effort on your part. Depending on the item, you could spend hours on your IKEA item construction. In fact, the hours you spend building your IKEA bargains sometimes end up taking too much effort to make up for the lower price tag. Your time is money, too, so you should only put in the time if it is really worthwhile. Here are 10 IKEA items that are worth-it builds, so you can save money and end up with a product that you’ll consider time well spent.

Ed. comment: No, this post is not paid for by IKEA. These are really items that Marisa considers good time/value combinations. On our site, unlike many other sites, if the post is paid for by an advertiser it is clearly marked as “Sponsored”.

KALLAX (All-Purpose Shelf Unit) $64.99

This adorable shelf unit comes in variety of sizes 3×2, 5×5, 2×2. I’ve seen them used as children cubbies, book shelves or even as space dividers for open-concept apartments.

LINNMON/ADILS  (Table top and Legs) $24.99

This set up takes virtually no time. It requires minimal tools and is a minimalists dream. This is by far the cheapest desk set up you can find. In addition, you can get cheap, plain table surfaces or upgrade for fancier options, such as wood or glass.

FINTORP (All-Purpose Rack) $9.99

This little rack can be put anywhere! I use one in my kitchen for fruit, one in my office for pencils and markers, and one in the entryway as an umbrella holder. Truly one of the most versatile items you can buy for your apartment.

BRUSALI (TV Stand) $59.99

This TV stand does take about an hour to put together, but is only $60. A great looking media stand that typically will run you over $100 at other retailers.

HEMNES (Hat and Coat Rack) $49.99

This is a quick assemble coat rack that brings a certain old school charm to your front entrance.

ARSTID (Table Lamp) $19.99

This lamp can be put together in 10 minutes and is only $20. Plus, you get a pull string on/off switch which is hard to find on lamps at typical retailers like Target or Wayfair.

NISSEDAL (Mirror) $19.99

This mirror was quite possibly the best purchase I’ve ever made. No assembly at all and it’s $20. Truly, I don’t know where else you can find a large, sleek mirror for under 50 dollars.

VESKEN (Bathroom Shelf) $9.99

A quick-build handy bathroom rack. Keep towels or other bathroom necessities easily accessible.

LACK (Side Table) $7.99

For $8, this side table is the bomb. I’ll admit that it is not the most beautiful side table, but it is $8.  For another $2 you can have this table with a birch look, if you are into blond woods. I’ve also seen “LACK Ikea Hacks” where people make them look stunning.

ALGOT (Clothing Rack) $49.99

This is the perfect alternative for people which tiny closets, or no closets at all. Plus, it is customizable!

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