4 Things to Clean that Make a Big Difference

There are so many things in your apartment to clean, it’s no surprise that some things get overlooked. But there are a few things that you should never forget, because they make a huge impact on your living space. Here’s a list of four things that are particularly important to remember.

Inside the microwave

This is one of my biggest pet peeves! There’s nothing worse than opening a microwave to find that it’s covered in grease and dried, splattered spaghetti sauce. Gross! I don’t want to put my food inside something that filthy. This is a big deal for me when I’m a guest at someone else’s house—It doesn’t matter how clean their kitchen is if I open the microwave and it looks like it hasn’t been cleaned since it was purchased. Wipe down the inside of the microwave once a week (or whenever something makes a mess!), and for that smell that just won’t go away, check out this blog for some tips. If the food is stuck, microwave a cup of water for couple of minutes so it creates steam that will loosen the dirt before you wipe it off.

Your kitchen sponge

When was the last time you cleaned your sponge? “Aren’t they kind of self-cleaning?” you ask. No. No, they are not. Think about it: constantly kept warm and damp, sponges are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria. Toss your sponge in the dishwasher every time you run it, or run it through the hottest wash with your clothes. (The old advice of microwaving the sponge has been found to be the worst cleaning option because it only kills the weak pathogens, and lets the strongest and most dangerous ones to live.) Of course, if your sponge starts to smell, throw it out!

Your fans and lampshades

These things collect insane amounts of dust, and they’re almost never cleaned. Seriously, find a chair to stand on and take a peek at the top of your ceiling fan. One look is all it will take to send you running. Wipe a damp cloth over your fan blades and along both the inside and outside of your lampshades at least once a month. It’ll keep your lights brighter and keep your fans from flinging dust and allergens about the house.

The burners on your stove

If you have an electric range, chances are, you can unplug your burners. Wipe them down once a week, and clean the little bowls that the burners sit in (yes, those come out, too!), either by giving them a good scrub, or running them through the dishwasher, if you have one. Not only will this keep your kitchen cleaner, it will lessen the chance that baked-on food will set off your smoke alarm. For a glass-top stove, just wipe it with a sponge, and for a gas stove, clean the removable grates in the sink and then wipe down the top. It’s that easy!

What did we forget? Let us know in the comments below!

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