Plan a Valentine’s Day Singles Event

If you are single and you would like to have some fun with other singles you know,  you could set up a Friend’s Day event on Valentine’s Day.

Plan a theme

Think about what would be the most exciting for you and your friends to do. You might want to set up a fancy dinner at a restaurant or someone’s home, or maybe a scavenger hunt in the city. How about a night of dancing? Just make sure everyone is ready to have a dance group, so no one has to worry that they don’t have a partner. Or an evening out at a surprise destination?  Everyone hits the subway or gets in the car to travel somewhere (not too far – it’s after all a week night) to experience something new.

Tell everyone what to wear

Make sure everyone can match attire to the occasion. For example, everyone should plan to wear comfortable clothes and shoes for a scavenger hunt in the city. Even if the destination is a surprise, give enough hints that nobody is uncomfortable.

Plan food and drink

If you are setting up an outdoor adventure, plan drinks or snacks afterwards to recharge your energy.

Singles only!

Confirm in advance that all the friends you invite are single and ready to mingle. Some friends might be newly out of a relationship and want to have some fun, but some others may be already partnered up for Valentine’s Day.

Consider low budget options:

Movie and dessert? If you and your friends are looking for something cheaper to do, go to the movies and grab a quick bite afterwards while everyone can talk about the movie… or anything else.

Netflix and chocolates? You might just want to chill at home with a bunch of friends. You and your friends could agree on buying chocolates or flowers for another person in the group, so everyone gets a Valentine’s gift.  (Make sure to get a couple extra presents in case someone forgets to bring something.)

Spending time with your friends is a great way to spend any day. For your single friends, it might be kind of sad to sit around alone on Valentine’s Day, so plan something to bring your group together and have some fun.


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