7 Housewarming Gifts To Make Friends With Your New Neighbors

Getting new neighbors can be a stressful experience. You obviously want to get along with them, but there’s always the fear that they’ll keep speakers next to your shared wall or that they just won’t be friendly. Never fear, though. These 7 housewarming gifts are sure to help you make friends with your new neighbors.

Introducing yourself to new people isn’t always easy, but if you come complete with a gift, it’s not only a conversation starter but also a nice gesture. No matter your budget, there’s definitely a way for you to say hey to the new people in your complex and make them feel welcome.

For inspiration, take a look at these 7 housewarming gifts that won’t break your budget, pluck up your courage, and go say hey to your potential new best friend.

Key Dish

Cute Companionship Dish, $9.99, ModCloth

Everyone can identify with losing their keys. Help your new neighbor avoid that dilemma by snagging this adorable key dish. Practical and cute!

Monogrammed Mug

Monogram Mug, $8, Anthropolgie

If you already know your neighbor’s name, why not give your housewarming gift a personal touch? This super cute monogrammed mug is affordable, and it show an attention to detail.


How Merlot Corkscrew, $8, Francesca’s

Everyone loses corkscrews. It’s practically unavoidable, but help your neighbor avoid this problem by getting them the most fun corkscrew you can find. This “How Merlot Can You Go” corkscrew will get both their wine and beer open on nights when they just need to relax. And maybe even get you an invite to stop by for a drink.


Threshold Welcome Estate Rubber & Coir Doormat, $10.99, Target

Everyone needs a good welcome mat, right? This classic design is the perfect choice for a housewarming gift.

Salt Shakers

Trunks Full of Taste Shaker Set, $15, ModCloth

These aren’t just any salt shakers. They’re adorable. This quirky home accessory is a perfect way to show your personality to your new neighbors with a gift they’ll love, too.

Coaster Set

Crackle Glaze Glass Coaster Set of 4, $20, Francesca’s 

If you want to protect your your furniture in a way that doesn’t say that you’re a bit overprotective, these cute coaster are the perfect way to do it.

Vase + Flowers

Threshold Foot Glass Vase, $13.49, Target

While flowers may seem simple, if you pair them with a gorgeous vase, they double as a housewarming gift that your new neighbors can keep long term.

If you’ve got new neighbors heading your way and you want to make fast friends, these 7 housewarming gifts are the perfect way to break the ice.

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