Take 6 Minutes to Clean These 4 Things

It’s easy to let your apartment get away from you with your day-to-day hustle and bustle! The good news? It is quick and easy to make a big difference in how your apartment looks and feels. Take just SIX minutes to clean these FOUR things and get on with your day with a cleaner space!


1 – Pick up clutter

Clutter is unsightly, but pretty easy to manage. Take one or two minutes to find a place for any items hanging around on your sofa, counter tops, or other spaces. Take the time you need, though! Don’t simply shove items somewhere you’ll end up needing to organize later.

2 – Sweep or Swiffer floors

Nothing is worse than walking barefoot through your apartment and realizing you have dirt, crumbs, and grime sticking to the bottoms of your feet! If you don’t yet have a Swiffer, you need one. Either way, take a moment to sweep down your floors!

3 – Wipe down kitchen

Despite being neat and organized in the kitchen, counter tops grow a thin layer of grime pretty easily! Using your favorite all-purpose cleaner and a microfiber rag or paper towel, give your kitchen counters a quick cleaning. Bonus points if you rub down your cabinet faces!

4 – Dust prominent spaces

Dusting is my least favorite chore, but what’s worse is not dusting and realizing you have a quarter-inch of the stuff surrounding you! In these six minutes, don’t dust every surface but choose some of the more prominent ones, like your TV stand and bedside tables.

And guess what? You’ve just spent six minutes (or maybe it’s 10 minutes, if you have really let things slide) investing in your apartment and making your future self grateful when s/he does a deep clean! Consider adding this six-minute routine to your weekend schedule, or make it a Monday habit. Either way, your apartment will appreciate the results!

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