Mattress Upgrade On A Budget

Your mattress is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home! You spend about one-third of your life asleep, so you may as well try to make it as fantastic as possible. However, a mattress upgrade can be shockingly expensive! Something you may have taken for granted during life at home is suddenly a major expense. However, there are ways to upgrade your mattress – and your entire bed – without over-spending! Check out a few tips.

  • Do your research

First and foremost, take a few minutes to research what type of mattress may be right for you. Consumer Reports has a nice summary of different types of mattresses (and some expected price points), so do a quick read to discover which type may be best for you and your budget. You’ll also need to choose the size — keep the size of your bedroom in mind!

Pro Tip: Measure your bedroom before you start shopping and figure out where you’d put your mattress in the room.

  • Watch for sales

If you’re set on buying a mattress from a store, watch for mattress sales! Each holiday, stores mark down most of their inventory. Watch in particular for Black Friday, Christmas, and Fourth of July sales. Also try to negotiate for the company to deliver the new mattress and take out your old one at the same time. Figuring out how to dispose of an old mattress can be a real hassle in cities!

Pro Tip: Price matches offered by stores are often useless because each store uses different names for the same mattress. Just bargain for the best price.

  • Use online reviews as a guide

Buuut… My recommendation is checking the online market! Mattresses online (, for example) come in a big variety of price points. If you’re looking for memory foam, online is a great place to start for an inexpensive, but useful, investment. Check the online reviews on the products you’re interested in, and read the pro’s and con’s. If there are more pro’s, or if the pro’s are more important to you than the con’s listed, you may have found your mattress!

Pro Tip: Visit a mattress store to test the various types of mattresses, even if you ultimately order online.

  • Find a used bed frame

While you would not want a used mattress (bedbugs!!), there is no shortage of used bed frames and headboards at thrift stores or online sale sites that you can easily disinfect. Take your time to find a bed frame you really like (and that’s within your budget) before you purchase the mattress.

  • Upgrade linens on sale

Linens go on sale frequently, and there are plenty of bedding sets available from big-box stores. Wait it out until you find a set that you like on sale, but have the funds ready so you can purchase when you find it!

My husband and I just upgraded our bed, including mattress, boxspring, and bed frame for under $400 using resale sites (bed frame) and Amazon (mattress, boxspring), and it has been great. Do your research, consider online retailers, and be patient to save some serious cash on your mattress upgrade.

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  1. Avatar Raychel H.

    I always wanted something big and comfy yet affordable and every in-person store was so packed and never had a deal I wanted. I ended up finding this service called Furnishr and they delivered and set up the bed I now never leave! I saved so much time and money I tell all my co-workers about this miracle!