What Type of Bad Roommate Are You?

“Good roommates are all alike; every bad roommate is bad in their own way.”

Here are some of the most common types of bad roommates. We’ll tell you how to avoid becoming one as you start looking for your roommate share.

Everyone’s Mom

Are you the roommate that acts like everyone’s Mom and tries to make sure everyone is taking care of themselves by making them healthy meals and cleaning up after them?  If you are, you definitely want to set boundaries for yourself so you are not doing all the household work.

Baby of the House

Are you the roommate that expects everyone to take care of you because you are the youngest or you just act like it?  If so you should try to take on your own responsibilities and do your chores so your roommates don’t feel like they have a child instead of an adult living with them.

Animal Rescuer

Are you the roommate that keeps picking up stray animals and bringing them to live with you?  If so, you might want to limit yourself to one pet at a time so your roommates do not feel like your animals are taking up too much space. Also, be mindful of your roommates’ allergies.

Food Thief

Are you the roommate that eats everyone’s food? If so, you should definitely stop eating their food.  Your roommates might have a budget, especially if you are all in college, and they probably don’t have an allowance for you. If you would be able to feed someone else, it would be better to bring in extra food to help everyone out, and not assume they can also afford to feed you.

Phone Chatterbox

Are you the roommate that is on the phone non stop? If you are on the phone all hours of the day, be considerate of your roommates. And don’t hog the bathroom while you are at it or wake them up at 2 or 7 every morning with your phone calls.

Shower Skipper

Are you the roommate that forgets to take a shower sometimes? If so, try to take  a shower once a day and if you didn’t have your daily shower keep out of your roommates nose space. They will be very grateful.

Busy Host/Hostess

Are you the roommate that  has strangers cycling in and out of your room? Just think about how this could affect your roommates. Now, your roommates may do the same thing and it becomes the norm, or your roommates could feel an invasion of privacy once their lucky sweater comes up missing.

These aren’t all the ways that make you a bad roommate but you want to make sure that you are a friendly and kind person who respects other people’s space and property, because if not you could end up with a case on Judge Judy where your roommate is suing you for his broken TV.

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