9 Ways to Save Money Right Now

So you want to start saving for your next trip, a new house, or a new car. It doesn’t matter what you want to save for, it’s always a good idea to to control your expenses so you won’t end up in poverty. And the time to start is right now!

1. Stop buying pre-made food.

You can make your own salsa or guacamole. It is cheaper and you can make it to your taste if you make it yourself. Bottled water counts as prepackaged. You can get jugs of water or a filter and you will save either way. Buy generic brands, they adhere to the same food quality standards, but they may use less expensive ingredients that will save you money. Bargain shop, there are plenty of apps that compare prices at different stores, so you can find the savings.

2. Sell the car.

Carpools are much better for the environment and who wants to be stuck driving in traffic every day on the way to work. This is your biggest money saver and hardest to execute, but if you can do this your savings target is close.

3. Find a new hobby that saves electricity.

Instead of binge watching your shows at the end of the season you could start running, yoga, or knitting.

4. Set up your own vegetables and herbs in planters.

Nothing taste better than food you have prepared from plant to table. It will also open up your diet to healthier eating while saving you money.

5. When you go out buy drinks or food, not both.

If you can eat before you leave and just purchase drinks you will save every time. The drinks will probably cost more than food, but you will save either way.

6. Get on a family plan for your phone service.

If your parents are like mine they rarely text and email. By joining their plan you can get almost an unlimited plan for yourself, and your parents won’t go over their minutes. And adding a line line to an existing family plan is only $20-$30 a month that you can reimburse to your parents.

7. Transfer money from your checking to savings automatically each month.

If you don’t see the money in your checking you are much less likely to spend it.

Some people like to put money in envelopes. One envelope has money for bills, another has money for food, and the last envelope has money for entertainment. Once you have spent the money in each envelope then you don’t spend anymore. Because people are so used to carrying credit cards it is easy to lose track of the money you spend. If you only use the cash you have, then you can see the money you are spending, and you are not so detached from the money.

8. Delay buying clothes and shoes until you really need them.

You can get shoes that are for one occasion at the thrift store. There are some nice clothes you find at the thrift and resale stores, as well. Sometimes the thrift stores have vintage clothes which are in good condition and stylish.

9. Compete saving with yourself.

Pay attention to what you spend for a couple weeks and try to beat that in the next couple weeks.

Make your best effort to record your new budget. You only need to keep the budget until you have accomplished your savings goal, but once you get used to controlling your expenses you might as well continue.

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