11 Things to Measure Before A Move

Whether you’re moving into your very first apartment or moving between apartments, you’ve likely aggregated some furniture that you’d like to bring to your new place. Sometimes, the furniture is just to get by, but some pieces probably tug your heartstrings and must be moved, no matter what!

Remember, using furniture you already have (or can purchase at a discount from family, friends, or a thrift store) can save you serious cash over time. This furniture may not be the furniture you keep forever, but it does need to fit comfortably in your new apartment! Before moving, check the measurements of your favorite (or most necessary) pieces, then measure the space they will occupy in your apartment. By measuring these things before you move, you can give yourself time to rethink furniture that won’t fit or get creative about where you place different items. It will also help you estimate what kind of moving transportation you’ll need! Small furniture may fit in a sedan or SUV, while larger pieces may require a rental truck or U-Haul.

To make sure everything fits as you expected, be sure to measure these 11 items before you pack up and move in.

Your Furniture

  • Bed
  • Bed setup, including nightstands
  • Dresser or vanity
  • Sofa
  • Living space chairs
  • Living room setup, including end tables, sofa, coffee table
  • TV stand & TV
  • Desk & chair
  • Area rugs
  • Dining table & chairs
  • Any other large pieces of furniture

How To Measure

Consider the width (one edge of the furniture to the other), height (top of furniture to the floor), and depth (front of furniture to the back) to understand how large each piece is.

Also Measure Apartment Spaces…

  • Bedroom — Does your furniture fit? Is it tight? Should you consider a new sized bed? Can you bring your dresser in that room?
  • Closet — Can you fit a dresser or other storage system in the closet if necessary?
  • Kitchen area — Do you have space for a bistro table? Do you have space to cook?
  • Living room — Does your setup work? Do you need any different furniture? Can you use your furniture elsewhere?
  • Office area — Are there nooks or crannies to fit your desk and chair?

…And Building’s Common Areas

Measure all spaces your furniture must pass through on the way to your new apartment, in order to make sure that even your largest pieces will fit through:

  • Doorways
  • Hallways
  • Stairwells
  • Elevators

As always, the more organized you are before a move, the more relaxed and confident you can be during the move! Taking time to measure these things before you move can help deliver a smooth moving process.

Ed. comment: Measuring can also save you money on your move, because you will not pay to move furniture that won’t fit. Nothing is more frustrating than paying to move a couch that will not fit through the doorway, and has to be discarded on the curb. (This actually happened to one of our bloggers!)

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