Quick Decor Swaps for a Festive Apartment

In your first apartment, the holiday season can be a ton of fun. From hosting family and friends to baking and cooking to simply enjoying some time at home (and off work!), holidays have a lot to offer. One of the quickest ways to get in the spirit of any holiday is by adding a few decorations to your home, so you are consistently reminded of the holiday and all it stands for.

The good news? With a few festive swaps of your current decor, you’ll have plenty of holiday spirit without breaking the bank… OR requiring a storage pod.


Want a super quick and easy swap? Add a wreath to your apartment’s front door! These go on sale constantly during the holidays or you could get crafty and make your own. If your apartment building has an issue with wreaths (or they often go missing), hang the wreath on the inside of your front door. That way, you get to enjoy it for much longer than just letting yourself in.

Wreaths store well in garbage bags! Keep your holiday wreath(s) stacked or hanging in your closet and label the bags so you can pick and choose based on the season. We love this one from Williams Sonoma — add a different colored ribbon bow each season!


Nothing brings on the holiday spirit like familiar scents. Choose a candle for each season then rotate them throughout the year. These don’t have to be expensive or fancy as long as you love the smell! Keep your eye out (er… nose out) for candles when you shop at big box stores and discount stores alike.

Keep your assorted candles under your bathroom sink, in a kitchen cabinet (away from the oven!) or tucked into your TV stand so they remain hidden when not in use.

Pillow Covers

Consider recovering your sofa throw pillows with festive zip-up covers. These are often inexpensive from big-box stores and can add a fun pop of festive color to your living room or bedroom. Save yourself the hassle of buying throw pillows and invest in covers instead!

Store throw pillow covers where you keep your sheets and towels, or tucked into your TV stand. IKEA has a fun selection!

Festive Knickknacks 

If you find a little knickknack that makes you happy, grab it! These are a wonderfully quick way to get into the holiday spirit.

Don’t go overboard, because knickknacks can be bulky to store. Choose a few pieces you love for each holiday, then store them in an under-the-bed, lidded bin.

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