Freeze-Proofing Your Apartment

As it gets colder and colder all around the country, protecting your apartment pipes from freezing becomes important. With cold weather comes the potential for pipes bursting, which means a huge headache for both you and your landlord. The winter is also a great reminder to ensure you have Renter’s Insurance, which can help protect you in case of problems in your apartment.

Follow these tips during freeze warnings (temperatures below freezing) to avoid costly problems:

  • Leave indoor water faucets dripping, especially those on exterior walls

Remember, just a slow drip will do. There’s no need for a steady stream of water, which can get expensive. Keeping some circulation of water in your pipes will help prevent them from freezing.

  • Open cabinet doors under sinks

Again, pay special attention to pipes on exterior walls that have more exposure to the cold. Opening your cabinet doors allows for warm air to circulate around water lines.

  • Keep your heat on, to 55 degrees or warmer

Even if you go out of town, keep your heat running to keep your apartment warmer than the freezing weather outside.

  • Unhook outdoor hoses

If you have an outdoor space, make sure your garden hose is unhooked from the faucet. Any water left in the hose can freeze over and apply pressure on the faucet, thus on your pipes!

  • Make sure all pets are inside

In freezing temperatures, make sure your furry friends are warm and inside!

  • Locate your master water shut-off

The master water shut-off often looks like an outdoor faucet and can be located in many different places within your apartment or town home. If you cannot locate the water shut-off, check with your landlord. It may be located in the basement or garage area in a town home or in the basement of an apartment building.  In the case that pipes do burst, turning that faucet off will stop water from flowing and making the flooding worse.

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Any other cold-weather tips to keep your apartment safe and secure this winter? Post below!

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