4 Things to Clean Before Guests Walk In

Throughout the year, guests will come and go from your apartment. From stopping by to say “Hi!” on their way to the store, to coming over for a movie night, to welcoming out-of-towners to stay with you, having your own apartment makes drop-ins a lot of fun. No matter how long your guests are staying, there are couple things you should clean before guests walk in! This quick routine will take only a few minutes, but freshen your apartment perfectly for drop-ins and long-term guests alike.

  • Give Your Bathroom a Quick Scrub

Nothing, I repeat, nothing is worse than asking to use the restroom and seeing a total disaster! Take a moment to soak the toilet bowl in your preferred cleaner, and give it a quick scrub. Wipe the counters and put away any stray cosmetics and products. Close the shower curtain and put out a clean hand towel. Not only will this freshen the scent in your bathroom, but will clean any muck and leave the bathroom sparkling.

  • Straighten Up

Instead of leaving throw blankets, shoes, dirty laundry, briefcases, chargers, and more laying around, do a quick sweep of your living space and put items away where they belong. Don’t feel the need to clean spotlessly, but removing some clutter will help even a smallest studio apartment feel more organized.

  • Tend to Dirty Dishes

If you’re one to leave dirty dishes piling in the sink, brace yourself, then take a moment to rinse them off and either put them in the dishwasher, give them a quick clean, or simply rinse them enough to ensure they don’t smell and aren’t holding mushy food. Dirty dishes can make a small apartment absolutely stink in no time, so try to stay on top of these anyway!

  • Light a Candle / Spray Air Freshener 

And finally, if you have advanced notice, light one of your favorite candles or give your living area a quick spray of air freshener. These items can make your apartment feel cozier, cleaner, and more welcoming… instead of feeling dingy or dirty.


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