15 Super Affordable and Stylish Home Decor Ideas

From seeing Instagram-ready lofts on social media to wandering through adorable IKEA-created rooms, decorating your first apartment can seem like a daunting task. Whether it’s rugs you need, adorable lighting you crave, or accent pieces to spice up your window sill, apartment decor doesn’t have to be intimidating. In fact, these 15 pieces of affordable home decor from Target, one of our favorite big box stores, will do the trick, and they won’t break the bank. They will also make perfect holiday gifts to all your friends living in their first apartments.

Golden Tealight Holder


Project 62 Tealight Candle Holder, $7.99, Target

Candles make any space instantly cozy. If you’re looking for something to give your apartment a bit of a modern edge, this tealight holder is ideal, and it’s under $10.

Artificial Succulent

Project 62 Artificial Succulent in Small White Pot, $5.99, Target

Not everyone has a green thumb — myself included —, but plants help liven up a small space. If you alway forget to water your plants, but love having a bit of green space indoors, this faux succulent is ideal.

Starry Nightlight

Pillowfort Starry Globe Nightlight, $16.99, Target

Harsh overhead lighting is a no-go when it comes to making your apartment feel like home. Why not use your softer lighting as a chance to decorate? This whimsical light would look great in any space.

Metal Organizer

Threshold 3-Slot Wire Basket with Hooks, $14.99, Target

Decor can be both functional and fun. This wire basket gives a slightly rustic vibe, and it’ll make sure you don’t forget that letter you need to mail and that your keys don’t end up in your couch.

Modern Wall Sculpture

Project 62 Sea Urchin Decorative Wall Sculpture, $14.99, Target

If modern and sleek is what you’re craving for your first apartment, this sea urchin shaped wall sculpture is a must-have. Not only is it a total statement piece, but for under $15, the price can’t be beat.

Animal Inspiration

Project 62 Gazelle Head Wall Sculpture, $7.99, Target

Antlers are a huge trend in decor at the moment, and you can get on the bandwagon thanks to Target. The golden gazelle’s antlers are bold without being overpowering.

Rustic Wall Mirror

CKK Home Decor Round Decorative Wall Mirror, $15.99, Target

Mirrors don’t just have to be functional. This rustic piece will give you both the chance to check your hair or makeup before heading out the door and the ability to spruce up your space.

House Vases

Hearth & Hand House Bud Vases Medium, $9.99, Target

These adorable home shaped vases are a perfect way to make your apartment feel, well, more homey. If you want to splurge and buy all three they’d look perfect on a dining table. If, however, one is enough, the medium home would be perfect as shelf decor.

Marble Wall Clock

Project 62 Wall Clock Marble with Brass, $9.99, Target

A marble face and gold details? Yes, please! This ultra-chic clock isn’t simply for making sure you don’t run late to work or class. It’s stunning wall decor as well.

Fuzzy Throw Pillow

Project 62 Mongolian Faux Fur Throw Pillow, $11.99, Target

If cozy is your middle name, this affordable throw pillow is the perfect way to add a bit of glamorous comfort to your apartment. Throw pillows are totally underrated decor, but on a couch, they can add a perfect pop of texture and color.

Bird Figurine

Project 62 Bird Figure Small, $12.99, Target

This sweet figurine is a great accent piece. Whether you’d like to use it as a bookend or a fun sculpture on a coffee table, it’s an adorable addition to your first apartment.

Cozy Throw

Xhilaration Gray Long Faux Fur Throw, $11.99, Target

Don’t underestimate textures when it comes to decor. A faux fur throw over a couch can add dimension and color to your apartment in a totally affordable way.

Chevron Wall Accents

Threshold Glass Chevrons, Set of 3, $13.99, Target

A gallery wall is a great way to add personal details in your apartment, and these glass chevrons are ideal accents to go around your favorite family photos, mantras, and knick knacks.

Graphic Print

Threshold Framed Watercolor Feathers, $18.99, Target

Don’t forget the power of a great graphic print. Not only can they add color into your apartment, but they’re also an affordable find.

Boho Tapestry

Threshold Woven Wall Hanging, $23.99, Target

If you’re a boho kind of person tapestries are great additions to an apartment. They add texture to walls, and as a bonus, they can take up lots of space if you have it.

Clearly, there’s more than enough goodies to go around when it comes to decorating your first apartment. From knick knacks for shelves to wall sculpture, home decor doesn’t have to be intimidating or expensive.



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