How to Pack in Two Weeks for a Move to Your First Apartment

If you are anything like me, one of your biggest struggles is probably procrastination.  Pair that with a rather impulsive choice to move into a room in a group house, and, like me,  you might end up with only two weeks till you need to move in. Fear not though, because I have tackled the seemingly daunting task of packing for move the room I have lived in my whole life, and I can help to guide you day-by-day through this hectic time.

Day one

It is day one, isn’t it exciting?! You are starting the journey to the freedom of your own space!
Here is what you need to do today.
  1. Find a notebook, this is gonna be your right hand man these next two weeks
  2. Compile a list of all the friends and family that can help you. This is very (!) important if you do not have a car.
  3. Find some boxes. I got mine from the liquor store for free. You just got to ask nicely and maybe use a friend with a car from your list for this, since you’ll need many boxes for your stuff. I needed 10.

Days two to four

Sort through your stuff! If you have been living in the same home for many years it is likely you have collected a lot of things you do not need. Use one of the empty boxes for garbage, one for stuff to give away, and one for things to sell for some extra cash. Be careful selling stuff because it can take a while using sites such as Kijiji and time is not something we have an excess of. Be ruthless, that sweater that is so comfy but has a stain, do not pack it!  Or that small record collection you have been gathering over the years despite not having a record player? Sell them! Not only is it less to pack, it is less to have to move in, and if you are on a sixth floor of a walk-up you will thank me.

Days five to seven

Ah, the half way mark is fast approaching and you have only just started to pack your boxes, but do not worry, this is where things start to kick into gear.
  1. Put your notebook to use, make a list of everything you will need right away and what stores to get them. Try to keep your number of stores to visit down to a minimum, and pull out that list of people who can help and find out in advance who is available the day before you move.
  2. Start a budget. There are many templates online but it is easy to lose track of money in the first couple weeks and setting aside time to budget will clear up stress later on.
  3. Start packing! Things you do not use every day go in first: books, linens, knickknacks, etc. Make sure you are making the boxes light enough that you can carry them.

Days eight to nine

Crunch time! Your room at this point should be almost empty, minus clothes and things you use everyday. Take a breather and pat yourself on the back for all your hard work so far. You are almost done! If you feel like you have a lot more to go, call in a friend and make a day of packing together. Sure, it is not the most fun activity, but you can put on some music and maybe watch a movie after! These are your days to finish packing except what you need the next four days. Your clothes you can pack in garbage bags, it saves time not folding every article of clothing you own and anything on a hanger can stay on a hanger just place it nicely in the bag so you can just hang it up in your new room, easy as pie! Make sure to leave out enough clothes for the next couple days. I suggest packing a backpack, as if you were going camping, so you are ready to go once the big day is here.

Days ten to thirteen

Excitement is building as the days tick by. In these days you need to find confirm someone with a van to help you move your stuff, or couple of pals with cars. Pull out your trusted notebook and start asking anybody with a good arm to help you. Start doing your last chores, do your laundry, do a big shop to get all the groceries you will need and put them in your fridge still in the bags so you can transport them easily. Then do a final good clean of your room (that means dust AND sweep). On day thirteen I had one box left empty that I used to pack my sheets, my lamp, my laptop, the last of my dishes that were not packed, etc. Haul all your boxes to the main floor/entrance of your home so it is quicker on the moving day.
Day fourteen
Today is the day! Get up nice and early, eat some food and get moving! All your boxes should be quick to haul into a car. I did one load of just boxes because I have a small car. Then I borrowed my friend’s van and with their help I took a final load of furniture. If you are not moving into a shared home and need to move things like couches I would suggest finding or renting a trailer or U-aul, because no matter how many bungee cords you might have, you are not moving a couch across town with a Honda Civic. After all this chaos you are done! Take a breather before you start unpacking because that is a whole other headache.

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  1. Avatar Cecillia

    Thank you for all these tips, this is really useful for me. I will also start moving next month. The place that I will occupy will not be far from before but my items are so much that I am confused to arrange it. Maybe your methods will be very useful for me.