10 Easy and Inexpensive Winter Decor Ideas!

Winter is here and you know you’ll start spending a lot of time snuggled in your apartment. Make your space warm and welcoming for the holidays and beyond with these easy and inexpensive decor ideas!

1. Display a winter wreath

Photo credit: Etsy

Photo credit: Etsy

Put a wreath on your front door to add a warm, wintry welcome to your apartment. You can make your own like this winter scarf wreath, or buy a pre-made wreath at craft stores, craft sales or online shops like Etsy. Remember to use an over-the-door wreath hanger to avoid damaging your door.

2. Hang a garland or two

Photo credit: The Sweetest Occasion

Photo credit: The Sweetest Occasion

You can make a simple garland out of pine cones and twine, to make your apartment feel like a wintry woods!

3. Keep cozy blankets at hand

Set out your warm and cozy blankets on your bed, couch, and other seating areas. This will not only give you easy access to a blanket for those chilly winter days, but will also give a generally comfy and cozy feel to your living area. If you’re feeling crafty, you can even learn online to crochet a cozy blanket!

Coat Rack with Hats and Scarves4. Use a coat rack

Displaying your colorful scarves, hats, and coats can give an apartment a nice, warm feel…and it’s also easier to grab your winter apparel from the rack rather than going into the coat closet all the time.

5. Frame photos of winter scenery

Cozy winter still lifeWinter and snow are beautiful! There is, after all, a reason we have the phrase “winter wonderland.” If you (or a friend) enjoy taking pictures, find a few of your favorites (or go outside to snap some photos!) and print a few. If you really like the photos, you can have them printed on canvas, but you can also have them printed for inexpensive rates at Walgreens or a similar photo developer, and get inexpensive frames at Target or IKEA to display them.

6. Bake cookies!

…or burn a scented candle. It’s a great way to add a comfortable vibe to an apartment, and keep your home smelling lovely.

7. Turn old sweaters into pillows


Photo credit: Popsugar

Clean out your closet (or thrift a sweater or two) and turn them into comfy pillows! You can even use them to cover pillows you already have to give them a cozier feel. There are dozens of online tutorials for creating sweater pillows, including this one from Popsugar that you can make without sewing machine.

8. Set out flowers

red tulips in modern living room - home decorFlowers aren’t just for the spring and summer months! Set out white, blue, or red flowers to bring some life into your apartment. For inexpensive bouquets, try flower shopping at your local grocery store. Trader Joe’s is my favorite place to buy inexpensive, fresh flowers.

9. Alternately, set out evergreen clippings

Cut a few sprigs off an evergreen tree and stick them in a mason jar for a lively, rustic, wintry piece.

10. Make a winter sign

Have a favorite quote or saying related to winter? Paint it onto some canvas or wood and hang it up!

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