6 Best Things About Having a Roommate

When you first move in with a roommate, you may think that you are going to hate sharing your space because you always had your own place. Let me convince you how much fun it is going to be to have a roommate.

With a roommate you’ll have:

1. Someone to do things with

The first thing that makes having a roommate great is you have someone to make last minute runs to the store or wherever with you. If you hate going to the store it makes it so much better when you can take someone with you. Or, what if you have that party and you can’t find a date? You can take your roommate because no one wants to be stuck alone at a party where the only person they know is the host.

2. Someone to talk to about your day

Another reason having roommates is great is because you have someone with whom you can share your day. Sometimes, if you are having a bad day and you need to talk about it and your best friend is unavailable, you can vent to your roommate. What if you just got the best news ever and your friends are not answering their phone. You can tell your roommate and have an impromptu celebration for your promotion.

3. Someone to split your bills with

Sharing the bills is a great part of having a roommate. If you have to pay your Bay Area rent all by yourself you would not have a dime left to party or have much fun. Having that extra money to pay for emergencies makes a big difference in your budget. Or, sometimes you just want to save up for a vacation or a nice gift for yourself.

4. Someone who has a special talent

Everyone has some special talent. If you get the roommate who loves to make dinner or who knits you a hat every winter you will be so grateful. If you have a roommate who loves to cook five nights at week and they are such a good cook, you have just elevated your meal game. Whatever the special talent your roommate has it will add joy to your life.

5. Someone to share chores with

Your roommate is sure to help around the house, as well. If your roommate knows how to fix things then you don’t have to worry when the sink in starts leaking. You have a roommate who knows just what to do. That roommate will also help with all the chores you have around the house. They may even be the organized one who sets up the chore calendar for you. Maybe your roommate takes out the trash and you clean the dishes and this arrangement is the best for both of you.

6. Someone who shows you new things

Another great thing about having a roommate is all the new information you will learn. You will learn new musicians, authors, video games, recipes, new places to travel, and restaurants. There will always be something new to learn from your roommate. Everything you learn may not be of interest to you, but you are sure to learn some pretty cool things.

All in all, having a roommate could be the best thing that happened to you, if you have done your research and found a roommate that is the best fit.

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