Enjoying a Solo Holiday

The Holiday season is in full swing! Thanksgiving is almost here, then many other holidays in the weeks following. If you’ve moved away from family into your first apartment, this can pose a problem: Do you go home for the holidays? If you are close to family, it may be an easy “Yes!”, but if you’re longer than quick drive or train ride away, it may be difficult to get home. Between taking time off work to the travel itself, more and more young people are taking solo holidays instead of heading home. If you decide to stay in your new home, here are some ideas for enjoying a solo holiday season.

Plan activities with friends

Staying in your apartment instead of going home for the holidays can be fun! If you have local friends, chances are some will stay in town over the holidays. Think about planning a Friendsgiving, going to the movies, or visiting local restaurants during the holidays.

Even better, if you have some close friends, consider joining their families for holiday dinners if you’d rather not spend that time alone. Ask friends what they’re doing, and see if you’d be welcome to join. Don’t forget to bring a little gift (side-dishes included!) if you do get invited to another family’s celebration.

Explore your city

Take the time to explore your new city! You likely have a couple extra days off around the holidays, so instead of staying home, get out on the town and make believe you are a tourist! Go to a museum, check out landmarks, try a new restaurant, and enjoy your new place. Many cities have free walking tours (you just tip the tour leader!) and if you want to explore neighborhoods you’d never visit, pick up a Hop On-Hop Off tourist bus ticket and go exploring.

Get in the holiday spirit

Just because you aren’t hosting the holidays doesn’t mean you shouldn’t decorate! Check stores for sales on holiday gear and snap it up! Whether it’s a pumpkin spice candle, a mini Christmas tree or menorah, holiday music from your bluetooth speaker, or full-fledged decorations, coming home to your decorated apartment will surely put a smile on your face and and get you in holiday spirit.

Have a holiday movie marathon

Being alone during the holidays gives you the perfect opportunity to binge on your favorite holiday movies without having to fight over the remote with roommates. Amazon, Netflix and Hulu all have more holiday fare than you could possible watch, and if you gave up all your subscriptions, the Hallmark Channel and football games come to the rescue.

Enjoy a traditional meal

Even if you end up cooking for one, consider making traditional meals that you would normally enjoy with your family. Whether you decide to make a full-fledged meal, or supplement with take-out, you can have a nice meal in your apartment and save the leftovers for lunches to come.

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