Multipurpose Decor: Making the Most of Your Space

Decorating your first apartment is a ton of fun, but comes with its own set of challenges when you are in a small space. Apartments can feel cluttered when there is not enough storage space, as most people will leave all of their favorite items on display. What I’ve found to be the key to successful decorating is to buy multipurpose decor and pieces that you love and are still functional. Instead of having to get creative or having to squeeze your belongings into a tiny closet, choose furniture and decor that help solve some of your space issues without adding bulk.

Here are some great ideas for multipurpose decor that will make you feel stylish… and savvy.

Hutch $210 from Target


This isn’t your grandmother’s china cabinet! Hutches can provide awesome storage plus creative opportunities to display your favorite decor and design styling. Choose hutch with a classic design – like a this one from Target  – that is not too bulky or deep (to save on space), and remember, these make great accent pieces! If you find an old hutch at a garage sale or secondhand store, consider taking a Saturday afternoon to paint it, cover it in craft paper, or refinish it to fit your apartment’s style!

$19.99 each from IKEA


Shelving is awesome functional space. Use new shelves to display your favorite items and get them off of other valuable space (i.e. move knick knacks from your TV stand shelves to wall shelving and use that space to store throw blankets or DVDs). Find some cute floating shelves – like these from IKEA – to hang on open walls to add some creative decor to your space without adding big furniture!

$99.00 from Walmart

Entertainment center

Your entertainment center – like this one from Walmart– is one of the best multipurpose pieces you’ll have! If you find an old dresser or traditional TV stand, set your television on top of it and leverage drawers and shelves to store extra items. Use closed drawers and covered shelves to store items that aren’t as “sightly,” then place your favorite knick knacks on display. This way, you get some storage space and some decor space — a win-win!

$39.99 from IKEA

Side tables

Side tables, from bedside tables to coffee tables, are a great way to add some functional style to your space. When you find tables – like these from IKEA – that have underneath storage, snap them up quickly! Those shelves and drawers are the perfect way to add storage to your room without unsightly clutter.

When you’re smart with decor choices, your apartment will feel much larger than it actually is! Keep an eye out for these pieces on sale and in secondhand stores to find them for even better prices. Share your other tips and finds below!

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