Getting Involved in Your New Community

For many of us, moving into our first apartment also means moving to a new city or state! Whether you move for work, friends, love, or adventure, it is a very exciting time. However, after the excitement of your move fades, it can become difficult to find and make friends or feel connected to your new community. Instead of getting down, take the time to get involved in your new community, which will help you make friends, learn the area, and join fun activities! Here are some ideas of ways for you to get involved and have some fun along the way.

Volunteer at a local charity

Volunteering is a great way to meet people while doing some good in the world! There are plenty of different types of charities in every town, from animal shelters to food pantries, to local parks. Start off by searching for “Charities in my area” online and pick a few that look interesting and fun! Some will require you to complete training, but will be a great way to get involved locally while meeting other like-minded people!

Attend your neighborhood Farmers’ Market on the weekends

If your neighborhood is lucky enough to have a local farmers market, visit! Not only can you stock up on fresh produce and unique items for your new apartment, but as you shop, talk to the vendors and other patrons! Introduce yourself and ask for recommendations of things to do in the area. The vendors likely have strong ties to the community and will be excited to help you out.

Attend town events, like parades or festivals

As you’re commuting or exploring in your new city, look for signs and advertisements for local events! From summer parades to food festivals, start to attend those that look interesting to you! Many towns won’t have more than a few big events per year, so it’s easy to block your schedule or invite new friends to attend with you. Don’t see many signs? Search online for community events.

Head to the park with a book, picnic, or your pet

Check out your local park to get some valuable time outside! Bring along something to do, like a book to read or a pet to play with. Not only will you enjoy some relaxing time outside, but you can meet other people who are spending time there as well.

Pay visits to local restaurants and nightlife

Much like the local farmers’ market, take your business to locally-owned shops and restaurants! Introduce yourself to the employees and ask for recommendations of other restaurants or activities to get involved in. They may even know a few people you’d get along with!

Remember, moving into a new community can push you outside of your comfort zone. Embrace it! Take the time to enjoy every bit of your new city!

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