Embrace Your Stuff! Forget Minimalism, Meet Clutter Chic

Move away minimalism, Clutter Chic is coming! There is a backlash brewing against the seemingly inescapable austerity of the modernist interior design trend. The minimalist trend is even starting to receive complaints as being elitist, classist, and the product of privilege.

Minimalist living might not be realistic for a lot of people, for a lot of reasons. Perhaps you live in a small apartment and own a lot of stuff; can’t afford expensive bespoke cabinetry or organizers; or maybe you just like living in a comfy, cozy environment. Living in a stark, nearly-vacant space just might not be practical – or enjoyable – for a lot of renters.

While it always feels nice to have a tidy, well-organized space, there’s no reason it has to be all polished chrome and bleached wood. For those that enjoy a more layered interior design style, with some distinctive eye-catching object wherever your eye should land, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled some tips on how to do Clutter Chic the right way, making the most of your mess without feeling messy, untidy, or cluttered.

4 Tips For Clutter Chic Interior Design

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Make Up Your Own Mind About Minimalism

Sometimes it almost seems like being messy has been outlawed, as if the collective mind is now acting as permanent parent, reminding us to “clean up our rooms.” But you are an adult living in your own place, if you don’t want to “thank and say goodbye” to your stuff, you don’t have to. The pendulum is starting to swing back, so start displaying all your favorite things.  Just keep in mind that if you aim for a Clutter Chic look, maintaining your place clean is essential, otherwise your look will come across just as a dirty mess.

Decide For Yourself What’s “Serving You”

Perhaps us pack-rats are just more sentimental than the rest of the world, having large hearts with lots of love for meaningful objects or singular curiosities we’ve fallen for. Choosing a Clutter Chic design does not mean we must forsake Marie Kando’s advice in The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up – we still ask ourselves if each object brings us joy or fulfills a function. If it does, don’t get rid of it! Instead, choose a decorating style to accommodate your trinkets and treasures.

Start With What You Love

Clutter chic does not mean cluttered chic, however. Just because we keep cherished items around or like textured, layered looks does not mean we have to live like hoarders.  Make a gallery wall of all your favorite art, stack piles of your favorite books neatly and take care of your plants. When you get the look you want, stop adding without deducting. If you cannot easily move around your apartment you have gone too far!

“Think Outside The Box”

Even with your Clutter Chic look, you will still need organizers for small items, but they don’t have to be sleek, slick, transparent plastic boxes. Simply choosing a different kind of organizer, as advised in an article for BScene Magazine, can make for a homier, cozier feel. Try finding distressed bookshelves, cabinets, or nightstands; use empty metal coffee cans for tools or art supplies; or quirky antique dishes to hold your keys or spare change.

What’s the decorating style you are aiming for? Are you getting tired of the minimalist look?

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