5 Ways You Can Declutter Your Apartment Today

Every Fall I get the urge to declutter my space. It’s like my own version of Spring cleaning, except it’s “all of my stuff needs to go” Autumn. If you’ve got the declutter bug like I do, here are 5 simple ways that you can declutter your apartment today.

1. Get Rid of the Knick Knacks

The first thing I do when decluttering is to take an empty box around and collect all of the items I no longer want. Throughout the year I find myself buying small candles and other dust collectors that don’t add anything to my decor and take up room on my bookshelf. Smaller decor pieces grouped together tend to make things look messy and cluttered, while larger items draw the eye in and add interest to your space. I always get rid of any small decor I don’t want first, and then move on to other items.

2. Keep Surfaces Clean

One way to instantly make your apartment look less cluttered is to clear any surfaces of unnecessary items. This could include keeping appliances under the counter until needed in the kitchen, keeping the coffee table and end tables clear, or keeping toiletries in the bathroom drawer instead of on the counter.

3. Clean Out The Closets

Dedicate a few hours just for cleaning out your closet spaces. This includes coat closets, bedroom closets and the linen closet. Get rid of anything you haven’t worn in a while, store away seasonal items, and clear the floors of clothes and junk. For the linen closet, throw out anything stained or with holes and replace with fresh towels/linens of the same color. Having them all one color will make the linen closet look neat and organized.

Pro tip: If you have different color sets of linens, store each matching set in its pillow case for a quick find.

4. Buy Some Catch-All Baskets

I keep medium-large baskets in all of our main living areas to catch clutter throughout the day. At the end of the day, return all of the items to their correct spot. My current favorites are seagrass baskets with handles, but anything that blends in with your decor would work. We use these to catch things when we’re in a hurry (keys, sweaters, books, etc.).

5. Do A Virtual Decluttering

This one may not reduce visual clutter, but it will make YOU feel lighter and less cluttered, which will spark decluttering in other areas of your apartment. Start by deleting old emails, photos, text messages, and TV shows. We could all use a little more storage on our devices, so this will help free up some space, and I guarantee you will feel great afterwards.

Share your favorite decluttering tips in the comments below!

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