Staying on Top of Your Apartment Life with a Bullet Journal

After receiving a cute notebook from a friend, I was frustrated when I opened to see there were no lines. On the side of the notebook it said Bullet Grid, so I Googled it to try to figure it out and the internet came to life with incredible images. If you are anyone who enjoys color, collaging, or fun planners, a bullet journal will rock your world. The blank pages of endless dots will soon become your go-to for personalized expression and organization, and if you are artistically-challenged, check out sites like Etsy for tons of fun accessories that make your bullet journaling pop visually.

Here are some ways to use a bullet journal as your apartment catch-all:

  • Bill Calendar

Making it easy to see when bills are coming up due on a visual calendar. Color coordinate bills to each roommate if you share a space.

  • Weekly Meal Planning

Writing down your weekly meal plan will allow you to create a quick and thorough grocery list with everything you’ll need.

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  • “When Did I Last ____?” Cleaning Schedule

When it comes to the cleaning tasks that don’t need to happen weekly or bi-weekly, it is easy to forget when you last cleaned it. Stay on top of your cleaning by notating when you last finished it. Perfect for: cleaning baseboards, changing filters, sanitized fridge, etc.

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  • To-Do Lists

Need I say more? A good to-do list journal keeps your thoughts organized and efficient.

  • Savings Goal Tracker

Designate a page to fill in a visual chart of your savings goals. Whether loans, emergency savings or vacation money, visualization makes it more exciting to save.

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  • Recipe List

Write down all of the delicious recipes you want to try to have a collection to pick from on rainy days, or when hosting dinner parties.

  • Dream Board & Style Collages

Set aside pages to draw or collage some short and long term dreams (vacations, career, experiences). Or re-vamp your style with a collage for each season’s style goals.

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  • Budget Tracker

If you are not into digitally tracking expenses, grab a ruler, and create an easy budget sheet. Each month, log what you’ve spent as compared to how much you expected.


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