First Apartment Furniture Mistakes

After spending the weekend helping my sister move from her first apartment into a new one in the city, one thing became extremely clear: Some furniture is simply wrong in your first apartment! Big, bulky pieces only make your space feel small and are very difficult to move. In a temporary space, keep unnecessary furniture to a minimum to save yourself the hassle.

What’s a furniture mistake?

There are a few ways to recognize that a piece of furniture has no place in your first apartment:

  • It’s big or bulky

Apartments are generally small, with space at a premium! Choose slim furniture instead of large or bulky pieces to ensure you leave yourself enough space to live and move around. Find pieces that fit flush against the walls or are the perfect size for your space.

  • You can’t move it with 2 people

Big red flag? If you can’t move the piece with two people, leave it behind!! Remember, your rental apartment is likely temporary housing, meaning you will have to move everything out at some point…usually within a year or two. If you and your best friend can’t move it easily, it will make moving hard. Not only is it hard to find multiple people to help you move, but heavy pieces can strain your friends’ bodies when they do try to help! Unless you have the budget for professional movers, leave the heavy furniture at the store.

  • It takes up walkway space

Much like the first tip, if you only have place for it in the midst of a walkway or tight space, you don’t need it! By putting furniture in every nook and cranny, you not only make your space feel suffocating, but it becomes difficult to host friends and family since they won’t have space to stand or move around easily.

  • You have no immediate need for it

Most importantly, if you have no immediate need for the piece, you don’t need it! If you fall in love with a piece of furniture at a thrift store that you’re not sure how to use, leave it behind. There’s nothing more ridiculous than filling your space with unusable furniture!

Unless you have the immediate need for these pieces below, don’t move them in!

  • Multiple dressers when you have closet space
  • China cabinets or bulky hutches when you don’t need the storage
  • Large side tables or end tables when you already have a kitchen table
  • Desk and chairs when you prefer to work on the sofa

So, what furniture mistakes have you made?  Anything you purchased that made you regret after your first move?

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  1. Avatar Victor

    Agree with all these mistakes. Also it becomes important to measure the space where we’re going to arrange the furniture so that we could have better experience when having fun at that place.