Bring Some Life into Your Apartment (Literally!)

If you’re living by yourself for the first time, the newly discovered freedom and privacy is great! (Hello, not having to share a bathroom with a roommate!) But even the most introverted person will find themselves feeling lonely after a month or two, particularly if you’re still on a budget and can’t afford to go out much. Try these tips to bring some life into your apartment and combat that living-on-your-own loneliness.

Get a fish.

Even if you can’t get a big, furry companion, you’d be surprised at the difference a living creature to talk to can make. A fish is a very low-commitment pet, both in terms of time and money. You can even start out with one of those ten cent feeder-fish from the pet store if you’re really hesitant to make a financial commitment. As long as you can remember to feed it once a day and clean the bowl once a week, you’ll enjoy having something living to look after in your new home.

Get a plant.

Succulents are your friends. When I first decided to try my hand at in-home “gardening,” I worried I wouldn’t remember to water them and that they’d be dead within a week. Instead, I became practically obsessed! I celebrated every new leaf that sprouted, and loved the way they brought a little nature indoors. The best part is, plants are a two-in-one deal—not only do you get a little friend, but plants (especially if you get a cute pot) are a great (and inexpensive!) way to decorate. If you’re not sure what plants to get, MFA has written plenty of posts to help you decide which ones are best for your apartment. And if you get really into your plants, try your hand at growing some herbs or vegetables. They’re a little harder to care for, but they’ll save you money at the grocery store, and who doesn’t love an apartment that smells like fresh basil?

Get a bird feeder.

Not willing to get something that relies on you for its care? Not a problem. A small bird feeder is a great way to bring some life to your window or patio, without any commitment. The visiting birds will add a splash or color to your day, and the best part? No need to find someone to feed or water a bird feeder if you go out of town! If you’re anything like me, you’ll become a budding ornithologist in no time (I got to the point where I was able to identify my favorite birds by their songs and calls, no visual needed)! The Merlin bird ID app is a great bird feeder companion—it’s completely free and does an amazing job of helping you figure out which birds are coming to visit.

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Taylor LaSon is a recent Hamilton College graduate who is currently living in Memphis while seeking her Master’s Degree in Speech Language Pathology. She and her cat prefer a quiet, introverted lifestyle full of Netflix binges and arts and crafts, but when she does go out, she enjoys rock climbing and making silly faces at small children.

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  1. Avatar Amanda

    I have to argue against how easy you make owning fish seem. One of those 10 cent gold fish grow up to a foot long. Keeping them in a fish bowl is inhuman due to how quickly ammonia will build up in the tank. It will kill them way before the end of their 20+ year lifespan.

    If you want a small fish tank, a betta can be kept in a heated 5gal aquarium in a setup that can be had for about $50-$75.