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Shopping for furniture and apartment decor can lead you to a lot of different places, from big-big stores to secondhand shops to online retailers. If you’re interested in fancy or high-quality furniture, be ready to pay top dollar! However, if you want to find affordable decor, that’s cute, functional, and will last through your apartment days… this post is for you.

Apartment furniture doesn’t always have to be top-quality. Keep in mind that your apartment is likely temporary, and you will have to move a few times before settling into your long-term apartment or home. Don’t feel the need to break the bank on fancy furniture, because it will be moved (and bumped and scratched) multiple times, and you’re still learning how to take care of it! Instead, focus on finding affordable decor that brings life into your space without costing a fortune.

(Yes, we know that IKEA is probably the first store that comes to your mind when you’re thinking affordable decor, but we are here to expand your horizons to the many other options you’ll have even in places where the closest IKEA is a long drive away.)

Here’s a quick roundup of top retailers that feature reasonably priced, reasonable quality apartment decor.



Price: $$

If you’re looking for adorable, trendy styles, Target will give you lots to choose from! Reasonably priced and for decent quality, you can stock up on furniture like desks, dressers, night tables, rugs, bedding and bath goods, and seating while also picking up decor and knick knacks to make your place feel like home. Look for Target branded items to save a few dollars, and watch for sales on their furniture or bulkier items, and consider adding “Target gift cards” to every wish list (birthday, holiday, graduation, etc.) you have to start to stock up!


Price: $

For total affordability, Walmart is a great place to shop. They sell tons of different furniture items, as well as bedding and bathroom essentials. While the quality may dip a bit, the prices also dip accordingly. If you’re looking for some essentials to tide you through your first couple apartment years, consider checking out Walmart, or browsing online before heading into your local store. Walmart provides lots of different options in different price points, so it’s a good place to start.

Secondhand Stores

Price: $

Secondhand stores and local thrift shops often have high quality furniture for a discount! Keep your mind open when walking through these stores! If you are creative, consider buying a cheap piece of furniture and repainting or refinishing it to meet your style and needs. Secondhand stores aren’t great for bedding (unless you’re willing to really wash the items!!), but are great for furniture, dishes, cookware, and in many cases…art! Keep in mind that the selection at these stores changes continuously, so get in a habit of browsing through your local store every time you pass by. You may not see something you’d want each time, but every now and then you’re guaranteed to find a gem.


Price: $$$

For you high-quality and high-style apartment dwellers, Wayfair is a great place for you! They sell high quality, high fashion pieces at a discount. Remember, that although these pieces are discounted, the starting prices are generally pretty high (since quality is high!) so you really have to hunt for a bargain to stay within your budget. Wayfair is great for one or two items in your apartment. Search for a rug, statement furniture piece, or bedding here.

Price: $$ has a ton of items at varying price points, making it a great shop for new apartment renters. Before heading to big-box stores, check out the site to see if they currently have any of the pieces you’re looking for. They’re great for bedding, rugs, and small furniture items, but their stock changes frequently. If you don’t find what you need right away, check back the next week and they may be carrying it. If you fall in love with something on, be sure to snap it up before it’s gone!

Bed, Bath And Beyond 

Price: $-$$

If you haven’t yet discovered the magic of Bed, Bath, And Beyond…what are you waiting for?! This store carries everything home-related, from kitchen cookware to bedding to outdoor furniture. This is a great place to stock up on decor, as they generally have a wide selection of decorative items and shelving, as well as an extensive bedding selection. Finding some great items here can make your apartment feel more homey (and more functional!) in no time. The key to BBB? Use a coupon every time! They send 20% coupons via mail, email, and text very frequently so be sure not to pay full price. (Psst! They usually honor even expired coupons, so don’t be too quick to throw the old ones out.)

Overstock Stores (Home Goods, Marshalls, etc.)

Price: $-$$

Overstock stores like HomeGoods or Marshalls are great places to find unique decor items to add some style to your apartment without breaking the bank. They generally sell furniture, as well, but I have found those aren’t as deeply discounted as some of the other home items. However, their kitchen equipment corner often includes top brands at deep discounts. Also, you’ll usually find plenty of decorative items to give your apartment flair!

Boutique Furniture Stores

Price: $$$

Boutique furniture stores are a great option if you have the budget to purchase high quality furniture. These stores often sell entire “rooms” of furniture at one time, which can help you get a cohesive feel to your rooms. Consider these stores for a living room or bedroom set, but come prepared to spend the money to make it happen! This furniture should last you years and years, which can be more budget-friendly over time. Just remember that you’ll be moving this furniture a few times before you finally settle down, so you may have spend money on professional movers each time. Be sure to pick classic styles that you’d be happy owning 5 or 10 years from now as well.

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