7 Local Happening Apps To Find Fun, Free Things To Do In Your Neighborhood

Moving into your first apartment can be both exciting and scary – you have the freedom to do what you want, when you want, but what if you can’t afford to have fun? Local happening apps help alleviate that fear, making it easy to find affordable things to do in your area.

Find out what’s happening in your neighborhood with these 7 great local happening apps!


Eventbrite Local Happening App1. Eventbrite: Eventbrite is like an events planning page and Facebook all rolled into one. This free-to-download app for iOS and Android offers event recommendations, as well as keeping track of which of your friends are going where. Never miss another local happening with Eventbrite’s easy-to-navigate dashboard. Download iOS/Android

Like A Local Local Happening App2. Like A Local: Do you have that one friend who knows all the secret spots, no matter what town you’re in? Like A Local is like a well-informed friend with great, eclectic taste taken to a whole new level. From parks to bars to restaurants and art galleries, Like A Local even works offline, so you don’t have to use up extra data charges. Like A Local also offers select city guides, but they do cost a bit extra. Download iOS/Android

GoBy Local Happening App3. Goby: Knowing which events are most popular is an easy way to decide what to do. Goby organizes events by syncing Facebook likes to event pages, to create a weighted system, where the most popular events rise to the top. Goby can be searched by interest, as well. Download Android  

Now Local Happening App4. Now: How many times have you searched Yelp reviews or on search engines, looking for cheap things to do in your neighborhood, only to find out it’s gone out of business or moved. Now analyzes social media feeds, in real-time, returning the most recent photos from Instagram, Facebook, and Google+ into a real-time feed. Download iOS 

Thrillist Local Happening App5. Thrillist: Thrillist might not have been originally intended as a local happening app, but it can be reverse-engineered to find the freshest, most interesting events in your region. Thrillist dishes up outstanding descriptions and visual content for the hottest restaurants, bars, venues, movie theaters, art galleries, and more, and is available for free download on both Android and iOS. Download iOS/Android

Time To Enjoy Local Happening App6. Time To Enjoy: Who has time (or the mental capacity) to keep track of things a month in advance? It’s not uncommon to fully intend to attend a free event, only to have something come up at the last second. Time To Enjoy solves that dilemma by bringing you event recommendation, in real-time, for things happening right that second! Never be out of the loop again. Download iOS

Gravy Local Happening App7. Gravy: It’s all Gravy, when you use this local happening app, which bases its recommendations on your current mood. Also ranks events by walkability, and allows you to range outward, if you’re willing to travel. Download iOS/Android


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