Add These 5 Quick Cleaning Hacks for Your Nightly Routine

It’s easy to get into a good nightly routine once you’ve moved into your first apartment, and it will happen no matter what! If you’re intentional with you time, you can get into a routine that is beneficial to your own mental well-being, and your apartment too! Check out these quick cleaning hacks and add them to your nightly routine to wake up to a clean and tidy apartment every morning.

1. Finish sorting mail (1:30)

Nothing’s more unsightly than a huge pile of mail, or mail that’s half torn sitting on your counter. This task shouldn’t take you more than one minute and thirty seconds to complete, either! Skim through the mail, throw away or recycle junk mail, and throw away any bills and mail that you’ve dealt with. If a piece of mail has a particular action item, put it somewhere you’ll see it, and be sure it’s dealt with the next day.

2. Put all dirty dishes away (2:00)

Not only are dirty dishes nasty, but they can also invite unwelcome insects into your apartment! From ants to fruit flies, leaving old food out attracts bugs. Instead of letting the sink fill with nasty dishes, clean them when you finish eating or put them into the dishwasher immediately. For stuck-on food, clean as much as you can before leaving it in the sink with a small layer of hot water and be sure to finish the job first thing in the morning to avoid bugs!

3. Place all used clothing into closet or laundry basket (1:00)

This one is easy! When you change into your pajamas, hang up slightly used clothing and toss your dirty clothes straight into the laundry basket instead of on the floor or on the furniture. This will keep you organized, and give you a good idea of when it’s time to do laundry!

4. Pack belongings for next day (1:00)

If you’re headed into the office or to the park in the morning, take a few moments to pack up the belongings you need for the next day. Keeping everything you’ll need in an organized bag (or kitchen barstool!) will minimize the clutter in your apartment while simultaneously helping you prepare for the morning!

5. Fold blankets and fluff sofa (0:30)

If you’ve just spent some time lounging, take thirty seconds to fold any blankets and reset your sofa pillows. This is a little one, but makes your space feel much more put together than leaving pillows and blankets lying on the floor or in disarray.

After no more than six minutes to clean up your apartment around you before bed, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and prepared for the day ahead, in a neat and tidy home.

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