Outdoor Decor to Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home

Apartments don’t always have a ton of space for you to personalize and make your living area feel like home. However, there are a few easy ways to add some flair and outdoor decor that make your home feel cozy and welcoming. Check out these tips and add a few to your apartment! These small changes make a big impact!

Add a front doormat

There are plenty of doormats that are inexpensive and SUPER welcoming! Consider adding a doormat right outside of your front door. There are tons of different types, from flat and decorative to heavy and brushy mats. Choose one that makes you happy and that can work in your space! Not only will it make you smile when you come home every day, but it gives your guests a place to wipe their dirty shoes before entering your place.

Live in an area with tons of inclement weather? Find a more decorative doormat and lay it right inside your door to add a pop of color to your entry area.

Hang a decorative wreath

Similarly to your doormat, decorative wreaths are a cheap, and easy way to add some fun to your front door and entryway! You can find wreaths online at craft stores like Etsy, or you can take a couple hours to build one yourself. These are easy to switch out between holidays and seasons, as well. (Keep your unused wreaths in garbage bags under your bed or in a closet to reuse that time next year.)

In any case, remember to purchase a door hanger or Command hook to hang your wreath!

Pro tip: Don’t spend too much money on your wreaths if you live in a tight environment. I have seen a couple wreaths stolen!

Plant stoop flowers

For a pop of color and inspired by the great outdoors, add a small potted plant on your front stoop or outside of your front door. Be sure this is approved by your management company, but if so, it’s an awesome way to bring a little of the outdoors to your space without significant cost or effort. Choose hardy plants that can survive the elements you’re exposing them to, whether that’s sun and rain or an indoor environment.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to water them! Nothing is more sad than dry, dead plants that are meant to be decorative!

Have a patio? 

If so, you’re in luck!

Add an outdoor rug, a comfy chair, a small table, and some planters to bring your outdoor space to life! The more time you spend decorating and putting your patio together, the more time you’re likely to spend out there! Use it as an opportunity to be creative and have fun! The good news is outdoor goods tend to be fairly inexpensive from big-box stores, and you can always check thrift stores for outdoor furniture!

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