Summer Heat Continues: More Ways to Stay Cool.

The dog days of August are here! It may be the tail end of the summer but that doesn’t mean the heat streak is over. Sometimes the summer heat can trail on well into September and beyond, and I’m here with some more tips to keep you at your coolest.

  1. Get out of your apartment and do something cool: There are many things you can do to keep cool outside your apartment. Go to the movies. Try a new restaurant. Go hiking in a nearby park where it’s cooler than in a stifling apartment. Visit a friend who has good A/C. Go to the local beach or pool. Visit your local supermarket and linger by the freezer section.
  2. Hydrate: Always remain hydrated. The heat takes a lot out of you especially if you’re in a hot apartment. Its easy to forget to take a sip of water once in awhile. You can even drink juice with some water added to bring down the sweetness! Furthermore, hydration can also help you get rid of the munchies, since most of the time we confuse thirst and hunger.
  3. Take a cool shower: The effects will linger for a while.
  4. Utilize fans (and add a bowl of ice): If you’re not in the position to add an air conditioner or if your apartment complex doesn’t allow it, you can have fans! One of the tricks I like to use is putting a square fan in the window so that the fresh and cool air blows into the room. They have more advanced fans now that are stronger than ever. Another trick is adding a bowl with ice in front of the fan, which creates a cooler air flow within your apartment — so simple but effective!
  5. Crack open a window: On those cooler nights,  just open your window.Not only is it energy efficient but there is no harm in getting some fresh air as well! Of course, when its the peak of the day (and heat), better shut those windows and shades.Caution: If you are on a low floor or your windows are easily accessible, make sure they have security gates before you sleep with open windows.

Finally, think ahead and choose an apartment with air conditioner: If you are still apartment hunting, plan for the next summer and add A/C to your apartment requirements. Fortunately, mine came with one. This was one of the requirements I had during my apartment search. Now the downside to using an air conditioner is the rise in your electric bill but if that’s what it takes to beat the heat, you just have to budget for those bigger bills. Use the power saver mode if your A/C has one, to save both money and energy. (If you have an older air conditioner like mine, then it might not have that setting.)

Enjoy those last bits of summer and stay cool!



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